What's Wrong with the Flu Shot?

Posted on Oct 19, 2008 in Autism, Health Optimization, Heavy Metals


By Dr. Richard Schulze

First, Experts say it doesn’t work!

“There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.” Dr. J. Anthony Morris (former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA.)

Let’s look at the facts…

The flu shot has never been proven to be effective. Many experts worldwide now agree that it has never worked and that the rise and fall of all disease, especially influenza, is based on our immune system’s antibody response and self-education process and not because of medical meddling.

The main reason many experts believe influenza vaccines don’t work is because of a natural scientific phenomenon called Antigenic Shift and Drift. Darwin may not have been right with his Theory of Evolution and my great, great-grandmother may not have been a chimp but his theory proves very valid when it comes to viruses. Viruses do evolve, they change from one form to another. So every year, actually every few weeks, the old virus has become a very new virus.

Even the federal government’s Center for Disease Control states that “Influenza (flu) seasons are unpredictable. Although epidemics of flu happen in most years, the beginning, severity, and length of the’Epidemic can vary widely from year to year. Before a season begins, it is not possible to accurately predict the features of any season.’

The simple reason it’s impossible to predict the coming influenza seasons virus is because it is impossible to predict the future, Even if one got lucky and guessed right, the next influenza virus is never just one virus. All influenza viruses are a blend of many different strains and many different types of virus. So the odds of you finding one particular grain of sand in all the beaches in California are far better than any medical doctor guessing next year’s viral cocktail. Next years, even next week’s, virus will be a totally new, different mutated blend of multiple influenza viruses. And remember, even that new blend of virus is constantly in a state of flux. Here it is again, Antigenic Shift and Drift

So every year pharmaceutical companies make the flu vaccine based on . . . LAST YEAR’S INFLUENZA. Even though throughout history no influenza epidemic virus blend has ever repeated itself ever, or has ever been the same. In fact if you made one today to protect you from the exact virus that is spreading right now, by the time it was produced and used the virus would have already shifted and drifted many times and mutated into a completely different virus. Even the pharmaceutical manufacturers admit that this is a serious problem, but also “places serious doubts on the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine.”

The only validity for manufacturing and using the Influenza Vaccines is financial, as trillions of dollars are being made on vaccine manufacture and usage.

Secondly, the statistics prove it doesn’t work!

So regardless which experts are right no matter what they say, the statistics speak for themselves. A few decades ago less than 100,000 people were hospitalized with the flu. Last year it doubled to over 200,000. A few decades ago less than 20,000 people a year died from the flu. Last year it was over 40,000, doubled again. In the last 20 years the American population has only increased about 25%, but hospitalizations and deaths from influenza have increased 100%. You tell me, is the flu shot working?

What we absolutely do know about the flu vaccine is that it has killed, maimed and made a lot of people sick, I still remember the federal government’s swine flu vaccination program when, for the first time ever, the government tried to give every American the swine flu influenza vaccine. When the fear, panic, bureaucracy, medical folly and pharmaceutical scandal cleared, 25 times more people died from the swine flu influenza vaccine than actually died from the swine flu, and thousands were seriously injured with numerous neurological and immune diseases. Worse yet, many medical experts today now believe that the influenza vaccine actually attacks and weakens your immune system and makes you even MORE susceptible to getting infected with influenza.

Now, in case you are still not sure, let’s look at a few of the flu shot’s ingredients.

Third, the flu shot ingredients are toxic chemical poisons!

Ethyl Glycol Automobile Anti-Freeze

Carbolic Acid A toxic caustic poison

Formaldehyde Embalming Fluid, causes cancer Causes Alzheimer’s Disease, seizures and cancer

Mercury Extremely toxic heavy metal, kills brain and immune cells

If you had five consecutive flu shots in any decade your chance of getting Alzheimer’s Disease is TEN TIMES HIGHER. This is partially due to the mercury and aluminum that is in every flu shot (and most childhood shots) that builds up in the brain and causes cognitive dysfunction and disease. This is partially why the rate of Alzheimer’s Disease is skyrocketing.

And I haven’t even touched on the blend of numerous deadly viruses and infected animal tissue that is in the vaccine.

The mercury alone is a great reason why not to get one. Mercury is a heavy metal and even minimal exposure to it kills brain and nerve cells. It is deadly poisonous. Knowingly infecting any amount of mercury into the human body is insane. I would gladly inject heroin into myself long before I would inject any flu vaccine. At least heroin is made from an herb, the poppy.

There has been much research done over the last decade linking the mercury in childhood vaccinations to childhood brain and nerve diseases, First off we know that there has never been one single case of autism in children before mercury laden childhood vaccinations were used. This fact alone points a very suspicious finger at mercury poisoning from vaccines. In fact the first known epidemic of cerebral palsy was in 1950 in Minimata Bay, Japan and it was discovered to be caused by a vinyl plastics company that dumped mercury into the bay.

But fearing multi-billion dollar, maybe even trillion dollar class action lawsuits, medical and pharmaceutical groups have declared that the preservative Thimerosal in vaccines is very safe, even though Thimerosal is 49% Mercury! The pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers have stated that there is “no credible evidence” showing any link between the mercury in the vaccines and autism. But in case there is, they have further stated that “the well defined risk of influenza outweighs the theoretical risk of mercury.”

So the medical and drug cartels have declared injecting mercury safe, but at the exact same time every one of them is currently scurrying to remove mercury from all childhood vaccines. Why? What do they know that they are not telling us. If it’s safe, why remove it? Regardless, no attempt is being made to remove it from the influenza vaccine.

One thing we know for sure is that mercury kills the brain and nerves, so I don’t think this is a good idea for children, or adults. As I age, I need all the brain and nerve cells that I’ve got)

And even if the mercury, anti-freeze and animal pus doesn’t scare you, you probably won’t even be able to buy a flu shot on the black market anyway, because this year half of the influenza vaccine, some 50 million doses, has been banned from being used, because… they are contaminated, because they are toxic.


Look, everyone, including me, agrees that the influenza epidemic that rages across America every year is dangerous, even deadly. But the key to protecting yourself is not by injecting virus strains grown on infected pus-laden animal tissue mixed with powerful toxic chemicals into your body, That’s a great way to make yourself sick.

Friends, God doesn’t want you to be sick that is why we have an immune system. So the simple and natural key to preventing the flu is to build a strong and powerful immune system.