What is Candida?

Posted on Sep 14, 2008 in Chronic Disease, Heavy Metals

As much as 80% of the population is believed to suffer from Candida, they are Also much more vulnerable to Cancer it would seem. This news has been brought to the attention of the public through a Doctor Simoncini who found some shocking discoveries. Mainly that in every Cancer victim he was working with they tested positive for Candida, and even more shocking was the fact that Cancer appears to develop through the same circumstances as Candida.

The circumstances that allow both Cancer and Candida to develop are fermentation and low oxygenation of the body.

Both of these circumstances go hand in hand as fermentation occurs in the body when there is a lack of oxygen. So the goal it would seem is increase the oxygen in the body. Before we get into this though lets look at what is causing your body to create so much fermentation.

The cause of the fermentation is Candida, in which it thrives and overgrows rapidly. The solution it would seem is to destroy the Candida overgrowth by reducing fermentation, at the same time you are actively reducing your odds of developing Cancer.

So what allows Candida to develop in the body?

The easy answer to this would be a poor diet with lots of sugar, refined and processed foods, yeast and alcohol in it. It goes much deeper than this however. As Candida only develops when your immune system is weakened by something else such as heavy metal toxicity, parasites or sluggish organ function due to congestion. You must eliminate these factors and others to ensure that you can achieve total lasting results.