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Terry Chappell, MD


            The swine flu vaccine has been rushed into production without adequate safety studies.  On 9/10/09 a research report indicated that the vaccine might be more effective than previously thought so that only one shot might be required (in addition to the regular flu vaccine, of course).  Safety issues have not yet become apparent.

  The National Vaccine Advisory Committee is recommending the vaccine for virtually everyone, but they also caution that we need to monitor adverse effects very carefully and transparently, which has not always happened in the past.  Potential side effects include paralysis and death.

Thus far, the swine flu illness does not look to be very severe, except for high risk individuals, although that could change.  The vaccine does contain mercury in the form of Thimerasol.  This substance has been removed from most vaccines, but it is still present in routine flu shots, even those given to children.  A Mercury-free version for standard flu shots is available, but you have to ask for it. 

To prevent swine flu or minimize its effects, my recommendation is to take 2000-5000 iu of vitamin D daily and 1000-3000 of vitamin C.  You can take mucococcinium (a homeopathic available through our office) one pill every two weeks for prevention.  If you get sick, monolaurin and “colds and flu” homeopathic are usually helpful, and I would generally avoid Tamiflu medication, because it is not highly effective and contributes to the development of resistence.  The vaccine is your choice, but I doubt if I will take it.


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