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Since our public health officials do not seem

concerned about protecting the pregnant women

and children in this country, I am forced to

ask that everyone who gets this message forward

it to all your family and friends.

There are two kinds of injected-influenza

vaccines (both regular flu and swine flu) avail-

able this year – one contains Thimerosal (a

mercury based preservative) and the other does

not. As a general rule, the vaccines that come

in single dose packages do not contain mercury,

while the multi-dose vials do. However, some

clinics pre-fill syringes from multi-dose vials.

Thus, you need to verify that the syringe was

filled by the vaccine’s manufacturer and not by

anyone else, if you are offered a flu-shot dose

in a syringe.

The amount of mercury in the Thimerosal-

preserved vaccines is about 25 micrograms. The

EPA safe dose for exposure to mercury that should

not be exceeded is 0.1 micrograms per kilogram of

body weight per day. So, if a child receives a

shot with 25 micrograms of mercury, the child

would have to weigh 550 pounds to remain within

the recommended safe level of exposure.

With regard to injecting these vaccines into

pregnant women, we know that some of the mercury

will cross the placental barrier to the fetus.

We tell pregnant women not to eat fish, and

yet our government is not warning them about

having mercury injected into their bodies while

they are pregnant. In my opinion, this is


If you receive the swine flu vaccine this

year, be sure to keep the card they give you,

and make sure the card lists the manufacturer

and lot number of the vaccine. But if you are

injured by the vaccine, you will not be able

to go to the no fault vaccine court that is

available for other vaccine injuries. You

will have to apply for compensation to a

special program, from which there is no appeal

and no right to pursue any kind of civil


If you try to get a mercury free flu vaccine

and are unable to do so or if this letter has

reached you after you already received your

flu shot and you discover the one you received

had mercury in it, please contact the people at

CoMeD (The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs)

by emailing them your story and detailed

contact information using the “Contact Us” link

provided on the CoMeD website:


or send your e-mail with your story and detailed

contact information directly to ;



First of all the CDC WARNS that pregnant women

should NOT be given a live-virus flu vaccine.

The one study in pregnant rats is problematic

because rats are immune to flu. A valid study

would have tested the live virus in ferrets, which

are susceptible to contracting influenza but

MedImmune chose to avoid doing this study.

Second, inoculation with a live-virus influenza

vaccine gives the recipient a “limited” flu infection

with up to three (3) strains of flu for FluMist and

one (1) strain for the live-virus A/H1N1 vaccine.

In some cases, these “limited” flu infections may be

or lead to life-threatening illness.

Third, those inoculated with these bioengineered

flu viruses shed them for an undetermined period

of time because the original “shedding” studies

did NOT have a large enough population NOR were all

those inoculated tracked to define the maximum

period of infectivity for the shed live viruses.

Based on the preceding, the live-virus vaccines

should be avoided because they both cause cases of

the flu in all who are inoculated and spread not

only the vaccines’ strains but also, through

reassortment, mutated strains of flu in the popu-

lation. This is the case BECAUSE those inoculated

are NOT, as they should be, rigorously quarantined

from contacts with those who have sub-optimal immune

systems (e.g., pregnant women, sick children, and the


Given the current package inserts for the 2009-

2010 FluMist and the 2009-2010 live A/H1N1 nasal

virus inoculation, it seems obvious that the

government is wanting these flu viruses and their

mutations to spread throughout the population so

that, like the live-polio vaccines, all will be

inoculated with, hopefully, minimal secondary

casualties though those behind these vaccines

know there is a finite risk of a worse flu mutation

developing from their bioengineered influenza

viruses and spreading throughout the population.

Hopefully, the preceding has addressed the risks

from both the “inactivated” and the live-influenza

vaccines in a straightforward manner.

PS: ALL of the large-scale studies of influenza-

vaccine effectiveness have found them to be

LESS THAN EFFECTIVE at preventing those

inoculated from contracting influenza — the

purported justification for a vaccine —

protection from the disease.