Vaccine Brochure Fails to Provide Information on Dangers

Posted on Jun 25, 2008 in Autism, Heavy Metals

…the flu deaths in the US have been grossly exaggerated to increase vaccines sales. Specifically, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had claimed that there were 36,000 deaths from the flu for 2002, while a more comprehensive report showed that in reality there were only 736 for that year.

Posted by: Clare Swinney – Uncensored Magazine, New Zealand

This week a brochure entitled: “Is your child safe? Information on vaccination” arrived inside one of the free newspapers in my region.

The 16-page booklet contained a number of graphic photos of children with disfiguring diseases and statements in coloured boxes, including: “Having the vaccine is several thousand times safer than having the disease the vaccine protects against, ” as well as information on “What is a Pandemic? ” Alarmingly, this brochure provided one side of the story, the scaremongering one that suits the drug companies, while failing to address the many very serious issues related to vaccine safety.

Under the heading “Influenza” it stated: “Outbreaks of the “Flu” occur in New Zealand every year from May to October and kill at least 400 annually.” But is this correct? The figure seems oddly high for a country with a population of only around 4.2 million. I phoned up to ask the office that released the booklet where this figure had come from and am still waiting for an answer. An article posted on Dr Mercola’s website mentioned that the flu deaths in the US have been grossly exaggerated to increase vaccines sales. Specifically, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had claimed that there were 36,000 deaths from the flu for 2002, while a more comprehensive report showed that in reality there were only 736 for that year, [1, 2]. How did the CDC get from 753 flu deaths to its statement that 36,000 flu deaths occurred annually? By combining flu deaths with pneumonia deaths.

Also, while the brochure stated that flu shots are free to those over 65 years of age, it did not mention that there is significant evidence to indicate that there is no corresponding decrease in death rates in this group. According to a 2007 review in the Lancet medical journal, no studies have conclusively proven that flu shots prevent flu-related deaths among the elderly and some of the support for this practice is based on flawed data, [3,4,5].

Furthermore, there was no mention in the brochure that there is evidence which links flu shots to Alzheimer’s Disease, [6] . Dr Hugh Fudenberg, the world’s leading immunogeneticist, [7] who has close to 850 papers in peer review journals, has stated that if an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 Рthe years studied Рhis/her chances of getting Alzheimer’s, is 10 times higher than if he/she had one, 2 or no shots and said he believed this was due to the mercury and aluminium that is in every flu shot.

While there is clear evidence to show a mercury-autism link, this was not mentioned in the booklet. This instead stated: “One study claimed the MMR vaccine could cause Autism. All but one of the researchers have now withdrawn their claims against the vaccine.” On this topic, Dr. Boyd Haley, who testified before the US Congress as one of the leading experts on the effects of the mercury in vaccines, has reported that his research had led him to believe that some children are genetically predisposed to storing mercury in their brains and that the cumulative effect of this leads to neurological disorders, including autism, [8]. Likewise, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has weighed in on the debate and said on the campaign trail that “there’s strong evidence” that a preservative in vaccines is fuelling the dramatic rise in autism, [9].

More alarmingly, the brochure has a section on “The Wart Virus and Cancer” which stated that: “Two vaccines are now available: Glaxo SmithKline vaccines protects against HPV 16 and 18 and Merck vaccine protects against HPV 6, 11, 16 & 18.” For those who didn’t know because they’ve been living under a rock, Merck’s HPV vaccine has been associated with thousands of adverse reactions and been linked to a number of deaths, [10], yet again there is no mention whatsoever of this in the booklet. Nor is there mention that Merck’s vaccine may actually increase the risk of precancerous cervical lesions by an alarming 44.6 percent in some women, [11].

On top of this, while HPV vaccines have been marketed to the public under the pretext that they prevent cervical cancer, US FDA documents reveal that the FDA has been aware that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has no direct link to cervical cancer and even the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that “direct” causation has not been demonstrated, [12].

Merck scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who developed the Mumps, Rubella and Measles vaccines, himself has stated: “Vaccines are the bargain basement technology of the 20th century” and during the same interview, which is online in the documentary by Dr Len Horowitz Р‘In Lies We Trust,’ he admits that Merck has been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) into millions of vaccine recipients, [13]. Yes, that’s right Рgo and hear Dr Hilleman for yourself. Refer:

While this booklet distributed in this Northland community may help to bring in vast sums of money for drug companies, it has failed to acknowledge the potential cost to people’s health who may take these vaccines. There is a plethora of evidence to show that taking vaccines may be far more dangerous for some, than taking nothing at all, so anyone contemplating taking a jab should do plenty of their own research before ever submitting to one.

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