Vaccinations Gone Horribly Wrong

Posted on Jul 31, 2008 in Autism, Heavy Metals

I came across this heart-wrenching post last week on A Well Lived Life, and Carol has given me permission to re-post it here for you, my readers. It relates to the death of a healthy baby boy the evening of his four-month immunization shots.

I know this is a contentious subject. Information that challenges the status quo is always vilified before it is eventually accepted, first as an acceptable alternative, and eventually as the new status quo. As you read the following story and the powerful letter written by Liz Parker, consider the many things we now know to be toxic (like lead, mercury and asbestos, to name a few) that were not so long ago found throughout our homes. As you’ll read in the letter and in the links Ms. Parker provides, there are many substances already known to be toxic that we are still injecting into our tiny babies. It’s time we shine a very bright light on this practice. I hope this post inspires you to think beyond the headlines.

And so, here it is:

This was a post from a Yahoo Vaccination Group. I have permission to share this from the moderator as well as the author of this letter:

Here is the link to the story about the 4 month old that died after receiving his well-check vaccinations:

Here is the letter Liz Parker sent to the coroner’s office regarding the story noted above:

“Dear Ms. Anderson,

My name is Liz Parker, I am a mother, advocate, and concerned citizen. I am writing, today, with a heavy heart.

As parent to three children, two of whom suffered severe health events coincident with vaccination (one at 3 months, the other at 6 months and neither biologically related to the other), I have spent the last seven years attempting to inform our Government officials, doctors, and fellow citizens of the risks that are attendant in vaccinating infants and small children (even adults are at significant risk). We do not know enough about the impact of the “medicines” we inject, nor about their action within the human body and its sensitive organs and chemical or electrical balance.

As coroner in this tragic situation, you stand in an undoubtedly uncomfortable place. I cannot imagine the pressure you feel as you dissect this tiny person, thinking of his parents who were so full of love, hopes, and dreams for him, just days before; being pressured to maintain your good reputation in the medical field, by Government agencies “requesting” you conclude some statistically unlikely event occurred so the vaccine program can continue its “mission;” and being barraged by people, like myself, who see this awful event as one more of the too-many losses that have occurred in our government’s war on its citizens’ health. One in six children now is developmentally disabled, and, according to the military data, 1 in less than 90 have Autism, according to School Districts’ data the number of students with Autism is 1 in 67.

Too many families now live with severe disability; many of us are making Herculean effort to stop harm to anybody else. We are not ill-educated lunatics. We are not wealthy, with more time on our hands than sense. We simply care too much not to try to make the world a safer place to live.

One of my children is severely disabled. For life.

This little boy is dead. His last day was spent in a doctor’s office, getting shots – “Well Care.”

Please, whatever the cause, publish the absolute truth. This little boy’s mommy and daddy deserve to know what shattered their lives into a billion pieces – and if it was the many poisons and toxins contained in the following list and most likely injected into his little body as part of his “Well Care” vaccines, so does the rest of the world. Also, please know that “mercury free” vaccines are not necessarily so – please see these test results:

Here is the link to the CDC’s `Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary, Part 2, Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines,” ingredients in the shots this little boy may have received:

One of my children suffers an on-going encephalopathy, severe GI dysfunction, hypotonia, global developmental delay, autoimmune dysregulation, Autism, and much more, another suffers severe allergies and asthma; both likely candidates for harm done by the ingredients injected into them in the name of “health;” which I now know comes from a nutritious diet, proper handwashing, quality sleep, and exercise outside in the sun. In our case, the third time IS a charm, because my son is completely healthy (and completely unvaccinated); amazing, chicken pox, measles, and mumps did no permanent damage and now he is immune for life.

My story is not unique or even seldom seen; this fact drives me to send letters like this.

Please, please, please, whatever it is, out the truth.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and time,

Liz Parker”

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