Urine-repelling wall paint coming to San Francisco

Posted on Apr 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16 (UPI) — San Francisco officials said they are treating some walls with water-repellent paint in an attempt to discourage public urination.

Mohammad Nuru, director of the San Francisco public works, said the paint being tested on 10 walls in areas fraught with public urination problems is designed to repel the urine and cause the source of the stream to instead soil their own pants.

“It’s supposed to, when people urinate, bounce back and hit them on the pants and get them wet. Hopefully that will discourage them. We will put a sign to give them a heads up,” Nuru told KFOX-TV.

The paint, dubbed Ultra-Ever Dry by Florida company Ultra-Tech, was recently used on walls in Hamburg, Germany, to discourage public urination. Signs posted on the Hamburg walls warn, “Don’t pee here! We’ll pee back!”