UPDATE – State Board Threatens Physician Who Cured Desiree Jennings of Dystonia

Posted on Nov 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

From:  Robert Scott Bell

The saga that is Desiree Jennings’s flu shot-induced neurological impairment (dystonia family) continues – but in a wonderfully positive way. I interviewed her doctor (Dr. Rashid Buttar) and Desiree’s husband Brendan recently (scheduled for airing Friday, November 6 – check back here for exact time) to check in on her progress. All signs point to continued improvement and strengthening, despite much of the medical establishment declaring that dystonia is incurable.

In the initial interview that broke the story, I predicted that the pharmaceutically-conflicted government/media complex would seek to attack those claiming or promoting methods of healing that do not fit nicely into a prescription drug pill bottle.

Should she be healed by ADVANCED medicine methods or substances, I predicted, the media would do its best to ignore it, discredit the diagnosis, or attack the doctor who would dare utilize such methods unapproved by government/medical authorities afflicted with monopolistic conflicts of interest.

Sure enough, following The Robert Scott Bell Show podcast, the first big-media headline was:

“Doctor treating flu shot patient could lose license.”

I find it interesting that a doctor who is helping people to overcome “incurable” maladies is the one who is threatened with loss of licensure, while those proposing to manage a permanent disability with Botox injections are considered practicing the standard of care. The medical establishment should be embarrassed that shooting dilute neurotoxins into the body of vaccine-injured patients is considered anything but SUB-standard.

What else have we seen from the media but a vast wasteland of ignorance thus far? Multiple interviews with telegenic armchair quarterback doctors claiming that Desiree Jennings did not even have dystonia. I’d like to say that’s idiopathic, but I actually know the cause.

How they make a definitive neurological diagnosis by watching news reports of Desiree trying to walk and talk must be a secret taught only in 3rd year medical school. I’m kidding. It was probably during caffeine-infused hallucinatory video rounds during residency.

These TV doctors dissing the diagnosis from Johns Hopkins should know that you cannot make such diagnoses without direct interaction and established confirmatory tests. Sorry armchair docs, watching a video on the evening news does not qualify. Since they can’t ignore the story or successfully nullify the Johns Hopkins diagnosis, then why not attack the doctor?

In the story headline, “Doctor treating flu shot patient could lose license,” it is claimed that the state says he used therapies that were “unproven and ineffective” in treating [his] patients. Isn’t that supposed to be between the patient and doctor to determine? As long as no force or fraud is involved, what business is it of the state’s? By their actions, it seems that it is to prevent patients from having the freedom of choose advanced, rather than standard, medicine in the care of their health.

In a nation where medical collectivism and corporatism has run roughshod over the free market, patients seeking options other than those imposed by medical boards with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest cannot be allowed. It is clearly easier to control doctors than to control patients. This attack on a courageous holistically-inclined doctor is more akin to state-sanctioned medical tyranny than any real concern for the welfare of fully-informed patients. In fact, fully-informed patients pose a great danger to the current standard of care as it is defended by state boards of medicine.

This story of Desiree Jennings has only just begun to be told and it promises to save generations of children now being thrown under an indiscriminate vaccination bus due to the Pasteurian fear of microbes (a subject I have covered in previous blog posts). Ironically, it may also save the medical profession from its present state of medical board indentured servitude.

Since the time of my exclusive interview with Dr. Buttar that first revealed this story of dramatic healing, Desiree now has her own website where she will directly apprise us all of her progress under his care.

Stay tuned for much more.