Truth Behind Foods Claiming Faster, Easier Weight Loss

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 in Health & Wellness

There are some foods that claim to help you lose weight faster and more easily. But what’s the truth behind this thought process?

Foods such as yogurt and avocado, fava beans and pistachios — are among a list of 11 foods in a recent online food blog citing easier, faster weight loss.

“It’s what we would be advocating for our patients. I didn’t see any kind of miracle or super food that would really be the panacea or cure all for weight loss,” says Betsy Day, a clinical dietician at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Day says these foods should already be in your daily diet; but won’t, by themselves, make you lose weight.

“Most of us are not used to consuming the amount of fruits and vegetables that are recommended for diet and weight loss,” adds Day.

Foods some may think are fatty, like olive oil and avocado, have what Day calls good fat.

“The avocado has the mono-unsaturated fat, what we recommend. It actually had a stimulated hormone, leptin that actually served as a hunger control,” she adds.

Day says the hardest thing when it comes to weight loss is having patience. It takes time to lose weight and you need to keep in mind to work all of these items into your diet.”

“So many of us just want that quick fix. We want a pill; we want that miracle fad diet.”

Need alternatives to high calorie meats? Day says try mushrooms.

“You can actually look to save about 400 calories by substituting a mushroom for a piece of meat,” she says.

And think twice before cutting out those whole grains.

“The whole grains have vitamins and minerals that are essential. They are also helping us keep fuller, longer. … And certainly they should be included in everyone’s healthy diet,” Day says.