Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Integrative Medicine

Posted on Oct 14, 2019 in Health Optimization

The use of integrative medicine has greatly increased this decade. Addition of non-medicinal therapies and Western medicine brings faster results than any other forms of treatment. Besides, non-medicinal therapies are used to reduce side-effects caused by other medicines.

What is Integrative medicine?

It is a combination of both conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. As Western medicine is an evidence-based practice, doctors have started encouraging the use of alternative therapies more and more. They have also witnessed spectacular results! As a result, integrative medicine came into existence.

Here is why integrative medicine preferred more:

Integrative Medicine

1. It Addresses the Root of the Illness

The best benefit of integrative medicine is that it not only treats the symptoms but the whole person. Rather than just addressing just the current problem, integrative medicine addresses the root cause and helps you change the habits and issues which lead to the problem. It produces long-lasting results because it teaches patients healthier habits to improve their quality of life.

2. Encourages a ‘Holistic’ Approach

In a holistic approach, the patient is encouraged to become a partner in the healing process. In other words, the patient contributes an equal effort as the therapist. While an evidence-based practice involves drugs which can cure the symptoms, integrative medicine involves the patient’s views about the treatment, medical history and past experiences with healing processes as ingredients of treatment. This helps the medical practitioner understand the patient well and heal him completely.

3. Addresses Chronic Problems

As traditional medicine fails to figure out the underlying problems behind a disease, most of the patients go for integrative medicine. If you are facing chronic issues then integrative medicine is worth a shot.

Traditional medicine may put the problem temporarily under control but it does not cure the disorder completely. Therefore, people use complementary or integrative medicines. Integrative medicine restores the balance between the body and mind and clears the symptoms more effectively.

4. Ensures Personal Attention

As the doctor needs to focus on the complete picture and understand what is exactly happening inside the patient’s body, he needs to pay personalized attention to the patient. While medical appointments are known for quick 20-minute visits, practitioners of integrative medicine may spend an hour or more with the patient. This boosts the patient’s confidence and helps him heal faster.

Today, this practice is followed by doctors around the globe. It is slowly gaining popularity all over America. So, if you are facing chronic problems and prefer non-medicinal practices, go for integrative medicine.

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