The Unknown Medical Facts Regarding Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Cancer of the Cervix. The Fallacy of the Vaccine Gardasil!

Posted on Jun 15, 2008 in Cancer

The Cervix is the lower part of the womb or uterus in the woman. Many women today are affected by cancer of the cervix.
In the UK, there are about 2800 cases of new cases of cancer of the cervix each year, unfortunately approximately 1100 will die from their cancers.
Human Papilloma virus (HPV) can cause cervical cancer and also genital warts, HPV is sexually transmitted. The young and those who have many sexual partners are especially at risk.
Because of this risk and the fact that some girls have developed cancer of the cervix, The Department of Health has decided to vaccinate all girls (age: 12-13) in schools from September this year. The vaccine is called Gardasil.
Obviously every one of us is in support of action which will prevent our children from suffering from a preventable disease, however, we believe that this proposed vaccination programme aimed at our innocent young daughters, is short sighted and does not address the many other causes or risk factors which lead to the development of cancer of the cervix and omit completely one safe alternative which will prevent cancer of the cervix..

First allow me to put these important basic medical facts regarding HPV :

• There are over 100 types of Human papilloma virus (HPV), only two types of HPV (types 16 and 18 ) cause cancer of the cervix., so what about the other 98 types?

• 70% of HPV infections clear spontaneously within one year, and over 90% clear within two years by body’s own Immune system.

• Many subclinical infections do occur which will produce antibodies against future infections with HPV.

• HPV infection can occur through skin to skin contact as well as by contact with body fluid.

• It can take 10-40 years for cervical cancer to develop.

• Boys are getting now cancer of the mouth from the virus.

‚Ä¢ HPV is transmitted too in utero,as babies,children and pre-adolescent……..(non sexual)

• Medical doctors have been warned at least 4 times that the above fact is crucial to consider when planning vaccination programme.

• The vaccine developers and manufacturers studiously ignore those facts.

• Therefore,the whole premise of Gardasil vaccine is fallacious

‚Ä¢ It is important to remember that cancer of the cervix can result also from other risk factors *non sexual” which are not connected to the HPV, like:

‚Ä¢ Smoking, using the contraceptive pill, sex with uncircumcised boys/men, having sex with many partners, weak immune system, poor genital hygiene among girls/women etc…

• So the vaccine has no any beneficial effect and will not prevent any of these risk factors for cancer of the cervix.

• More important, the vaccine is not going to stop the many other diseases and problems which result from immoral promiscuous and illicit sex for example:

• Our daughters (& sons) will still be exposed to about 25 sexually transmitted diseases like: Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Chlamydia etc.

• A large number of boys are careless and do not use condoms especially after drinking some alcohol, and even when they use it, the failure rate is about 20%.

• Many girls will still get pregnant? Already we have over 12 000 teenage pregnancies in schools (UK has the highest teenage pregnancy in Europe)

• Because of this unwanted pregnancy, many girls will go for abortion which is inhumane and harmful to the health of the girl/woman. About 100 000 abortions by the age of 18 do occur in the UK?

• Some girls will give birth to illegitimate children with absent fathers and lack of support commonly.

We are very concerned about the false sense of security and safety given to our young daughters through the use of this “sexual vaccine”, which will encourage them to have more sex as they have been “VACCINATED” before?

Finally, many doctors and scientists and concerned parents are not happy about the the use and overuse of vaccines: OVERLOADING (more than 30 vaccines by the age of 12), damaging the immune system and exposing our children to harmful chemicals such as Aluminium, which is in the vaccine Gardasil .Muslims are concerned today about many forbidden ingredients inside many vaccines like: alcohol, porcine substances/gelatine, foetal or human parts, GM substances etc…
Many parents do not know that the vaccine Gardasil was behind the death of 17 girls?
1637 adverse event reactions were received since it was approved in June 2006; of these 371 were serious reactions.
Unfortunately today the drug industry is big business and there is a vast amount of money to be made in making more vaccines. A new vaccine for every disease, which is the wrong medical approach adopted by many today, especially when the causes of the diseases are known and primary prevention is the best safest and cheap way to avoid these diseases, apart from the presence of many ALTERNATIVES in order to avoid most cases of cancer of the cervix and many other diseases and problems.
The vaccine for HPV is expensive( it costs about $400).
The predicted profits from the vaccine is about $23 billion by 2012?
“The vaccine is supported by limited efficacy and safety datas”(American Medical Association/2008)

To be positive, helpful and concerned, we would like to recommend generally this unique, natural, free and safe behaviour, which is called CHASTITY, in order that our children may avoid many diseases and problems associated with sexual activity. ,including many cases of cancer of the cervix, plus about 25 other sexually transmitted diseases, ten of thousands of teenage pregnancies and illegitimate children, hundred of thousands of abortions , could be avoided all without interrupting the education of our innocent daughters/children.
This would make a big saving:medically economically and socially to the budget of the Government.
Chastity, no doubt, will please our all Almighty GOD and is a great Christian/Muslim value. It is the radical solution to a lot of diseases and problems in our society which are destroying the innocence and the future of our young generation who are the future of our society.

Dr A. Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)