The Role of Toxins in Creating Disease

Posted on Dec 14, 2008 in Health & Wellness

The Body’s Natural Detoxification Process and The Total LoadAll toxins create some type of stress because they negatively impact the body as well as the energy field. In fact, we could exchange the word “stress” for “toxin” because they basically mean the same thing. Both indicate something that is not supportive of wholeness. Furthermore, all elements that are taxing to the system are considered toxins, whether on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. Please refer to the “Lifestyle Assessment” in this website to get an idea of common sources of environmental toxins and your own total load.


Removing toxins from the everyday environment, diet, etc., is an essential step in healing any chronic condition. This is because the body’s natural detoxification process itself depletes the body of vital nutrients. So, reducing the amount of new toxins coming in, makes more nutrients available to neutralize the toxins that have already been absorbed.


Basically our natural detoxification process is divided into two phases. In phase I, electrons are shifted around on the chemical (also known as a free radical) to prepare a niche for phase II. In phase II, a heavy detoxifier molecule (or antioxidant) is attached to the chemical site or niche on the chemical that has been prepared in phase I. This heavy detoxifier is usually a molecule that the body has made, like glutathione. Once it is attached to the chemical in its niche, the chemical becomes very heavy and has a polarity or electrical charge. This heavy polar chemical now is easily dragged out either into the stool or urine so that it can be eliminated. The big problem is that for every molecule of chemical that is detoxified, the body uses up a molecule of glutathione plus a molecule of ATP or “energy”.


Another problem occurs when there are not enough antioxidants in the body to neutralize the free radicals. In that instance, instead of using an electron from an antioxidant, the free radicals might steal an electron from the DNA, producing a genetic mutation that can cause cancer or another disease. Or they might burn a hole in the cell membrane, producing a myriad of diseases or just accelerate aging and death of the cell.


When free radicals overwhelm the body’s ability to neutralize them, they foster damage that results in symptoms. For instance, they may start to eat holes in arteries. Cholesterol is nature’s Band-Aid that is normally called to “plug” the holes that are created by free radicals in arteries. So, serum cholesterol levels elevate. But instead of seeing cholesterol as a messenger of free radical overload, doctors prescribe drugs to kill the messenger. Unfortunately, the cholesterol-lowering drugs turn off the body’s ability to make coenzyme Q10. This deficiency in turn guarantees that the person will go on to get high blood pressure, heart failure, cancer or something else. Drugs must be metabolized and detoxified, too. And in the process, they use up detox nutrients that could have been used to protect the body from the next chemical.


One of the first things a person experiencing toxicity complains about is fatigue. This happens for several reasons. First, the work of detoxifying uses up and depletes nutrients. In addition, for every molecule of chemical that is detoxified, we use up a molecule of ATP or “energy”. Every symptom is an opportunity to find and fix what is broken, versus sentencing the patient to a lifetime of expensive and damaging drugs.


Detoxification and the Gut

Although every cell in the body has a little detoxification plant inside of it, over half of the detoxification for the entire body occurs in the gut. The intestinal lining houses not only half of the immune system for the whole body, but also half of the detoxification system. Because of this, you cannot completely heal any disease until the gut is healthy.


Unfortunately, most people’s intestines are loaded with bacteria and yeasts. The bacteria are sensitive to antibiotics. However, the antibiotics cause overgrowth of yeasts. Yeasts are sensitive to certain drugs, but the drugs have side effects of their own, like liver damage.


If these bacteria and yeasts have been in the intestines for any length of time, the inflamed lining and resultant damage often cause large spaces to open up between the intestinal cells. This condition is called intestinal hyper-permeability or leaky gut syndrome. This leakage of toxins into the bloodstream depletes the detox nutrients. In addition, the leakage of putrid intestinal metabolic products into body tissues leads to the development of fibromyalgia, food allergies, chemical allergies, chronic fatigue, and a multitude of autoimmune diseases.


Because environmental poisons overwhelm our ability to detoxify them, they slowly accumulate. How high the total load of chemicals gets, determines how fast we will go downhill with disease. How much we are exposed to, how protective our diet is in antioxidants, and how strong our detoxification system is determines how fast and how many of these unwanted chemicals we can harbor without showing symptoms. We do not get cancer or a heart attack overnight. We spend our whole lives stockpiling for it.