The Holden HP Turbine – Part 6

Posted on Nov 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Holden HP Turbine – Part 6 Visit The Holden HP Turbines, 5 different sizes to provide a range of power 25kW all the way up to 30MW units.

Planet CPR Introduces Joe Holden’s HP (Hydro Power) and WP (Wind Power) Turbine Technologies to the World. Planet CPR, LLC announced today the partial acquisition of the most promising innovation in energy generating technology in the world today, consisting of the Holden HP Turbine Technology and Holden WP Turbine Technology.

The Holden HP Turbine is a highly unique innovative turbine designed to generate hydro power using not only river and lake water as standard hydro turbines do, but also sewage water, salt water and waste run-off water as well as, with specific modifications, compressed air and steam. The actual unit has a rectangular housing with the cylindrical rotor turbine which contains a 2 stage turbine. This 2 stage turbine is mounted back to back and separated by the center plate by a split drum. The unit is exhausted to the atmosphere from the center of the split drum to the inner cavity of the rectangular housing.

7 part video showing demo and how the turbine works.  Video 6 now Available!!!