The 9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away

The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Awayoffers a simple yet incredibly powerful plan to help you remove reliance on doctors and live a happy, energetic, disease-free life. Developed by an internationally celebrated physician with a track record of effectively treating people with “incurable” medical conditions, the “9 Steps” are designed to empower you to move beyond limitations to your health by utilizing a straightforward system anyone can implement.

This revolutionary new book exposes the nature of disease and reveals 9 medically proven, yet little-known actions that – if taken consistently – will help you “keep the doctor away” and live a healthier and longer life. Dr. Rashid A. Buttar is a real-life medical maverick who first stunned the world with his congressional testimony on the relationship between metal toxicity and autism. Now, Dr. Buttar is ready to share the secrets of longevity and vitality – detoxification of your system, a regulated immune system, and optimal hormonal balance.

The 9 simple steps in this book can help you achieve these foundations of great health. This book, once started, will be difficult to put down and is the first in a series of books to reveal the raw and candid medical truths the world is desperately seeking.

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