“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away” – A potentially lifesaving GIFT

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Medical Rewind

There is still time before Christmas to order and receive “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away” for yourself or a loved one!


The 9 Steps program is a breakthrough process designed to do 3 main things:

  1. Help you discover, understand and ACT upon the most powerful methods for removing dangerous toxins from your body
  2. Shift your mind so that you feel excited and eager to make the necessary changes in your life
  3. Radically transform your mood, confidence and sense of well being

There’s a reason why top doctors, athletes and celebrities all across the country are praising The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away — because it WORKS.

Now it’s your turn… let this revolutionary guide help you transform how your body looks and feels forever!


There’s So Much to Discover Inside the Pages of The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away…

  • Why the medical “establishment” doesn’t want you to have this information … (hint: it’s NOT just to sell more drug and surgeries!) … go to page 6.
  • Why “mainstream medicine” is little more than a sinking ship — and why that’s good news! Here’s exactly how you can keep yourslef and loved ones safe … page 8.
  • Why this so-called “lifesaving” treatment, promoted by modern medicine and the media, is KILLING people around the world… EVERY single day — and is responsible for millions of health problems each year in the US alone … page 8.
  • If you’ve ever been told “it’s all in your head” … go to page 9 immediately!
  •  6 “incurable” chronic diseases you can help reverse with The 9 Steps (plus many, many more!) … page 9.
  • The simple question that changed the entire course of Dr. Buttar’s personal and professional life … page 33.
  •  The REAL REASON why your body “ages” and “rusts.” (Those who truly understand this are no longer victims to the process of getting older!) … page 38.
  •  The “missing link” — which is responsible for all forms of disease — that the medical establishment DESPERATELY doesn’t want you to know! (Because once you understand this phenomenon, you will never need their drugs or treatments again. YOU will now have all the power!) … page 42.
  • The best types of foods for supercharging your immune system … page 49.
  • Why many women actually need more testosterone … but even more importantly, the “right” way to go about getting it! (If you’re a woman suffering from low energy or weak sex drive, go to page 54 immediately.)
  • The little-known and often dangerous problem with “anti-aging” treatments. Nobody is talking about this, but the information shared on page 58 is about to turn the entire anti-aging world on its head. Read about it here first!
  • How a 5-year-old child who could barely walk … become 100% pain-free in just 6 months! (This breakthrough could be the key to ending your pain, too!) … pages 63-67.
  • The TRUTH about organic food. (The statistics on page 71 don’t lie!)
  • Learn the top 21 fruits and the top 21 vegetables and why they are the most beneficial for you to consume … page 72.
  • How to recognize when NOT to eat certain foods. (This is key!) … page 74.

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