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$61 Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured by a Vaccine Negotiated by Attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA

Posted on Sep 7, 2011 in Health & Wellness, Health Optimization

The U.S Federal Vaccine Court awarded a $61 million settlement for a child who suffered a severe adverse reaction after an immunization. Vaccine attorneys at the law firm of Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A., believed that the case was clearly a result of a reaction to the DTaP immunization. Court documents show that only hours after the baby received a routine diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccination, she started to have seizures, abnormal breathing, irregular heartbeats, and at 6:05am the next morning, her heart stopped completely. It took 6 minutes of CPR to...

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Mandatory Vaccinations: Precedent and Current Laws

Posted on Jul 14, 2009 in Announcements

  Hello All-  Below is a link to report that we believe that everyone should read, concerning madatory vaccinations.  Please click on the link below.    This report discusses the legal precedent for mandatory vaccination laws and provides a brief overview of state laws that require certain individuals or populations to be vaccinated against various communicable diseases. The role of both the federal andstate governments with respect to public health emergency powers, including requiring the use of a vaccine, is discussed....

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Should our kids play together?

Posted on Oct 16, 2008 in Autism, Chronic Disease, Heavy Metals

Strife over shots: Should our kids play together? Divided on vaccines, parents are polarized on the playground sidelines By Jacqueline Stenson Karey Williams never thought a parenting decision would come between her and a good friend. The two had known one another for a decade, supported each other through infertility treatment and had their first babies around the same time. But when she told the friend that she had stopped vaccinating her daughter at age 1, the relationship abruptly ended. “She said, ‘Well then, your child can’t come into my house,'” recalls Williams, 47,...

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