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Dr. Buttar Speaks – Thimerosal in Flu Vaccine? YES – Video Response

Posted on Sep 4, 2008 in Autism, Heavy Metals, Video Blog

A week or so ago, we referenced a blog post by Ms. Marcella Piper-Terry on her blog entitled “Thimerosal in Flu Vaccine? YES” and it received quite a bit of attention.  It also received a rather lengthy reply from an Unknown blogger by the name of Skepacabra that runs some sort of Tabloid “News” type blog.  Skepacabra went on to call Dr. Buttar an anti-vaccine kook on his blog.  Dr. Buttar has done a video response to this mystery blogger and gives quite a bit of information about Thimerosal in Flu Vaccines which you can watch below.  Below that, I have also pasted...

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