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Woman's Suit Claims Osteoporosis Drug Destroyed Her Jaw

Posted on Sep 12, 2009 in Health & Wellness

Thursday, September 03, 2009 Jurors heard sharply different closing arguments on Wednesday in a trial over whether or not Merck & Co’s Fosamax drug treatment for osteoporosis caused a Florida woman’s jaw damage. The trial in New York is Merck’s first out of some 1,280 plaintiff groups involving almost 900 cases over U.S. lawsuits by patients who claim Fosamax caused the condition known as osteonecrosis of the jaw, or ONJ. “It is a theory … it is a theory without scientific basis,” Paul Strain, an attorney for Merck, told the eight jurors in Manhattan...

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Esophageal cancer linked to osteoporosis drugs

Posted on Jan 11, 2009 in Cancer

BOSTON (Reuters) – Merck’s popular osteoporosis drug Fosamax and other similar drugs may carry a risk for esophageal cancer, a Food and Drug Administration official said on Wednesday. Diane Wysowski of the FDA’s division of drug risk asessment said researchers should check into potential links between so called bisphosphonate drugs and cancer. In a letter in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine, Wysowski said since the initial marketing of Fosamax, known generically as alendronate, in 1995, the FDA has received 23 reports in which patients developed esophageal...

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