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Magnesium: A Natural Treatment for Migraines

Posted on Jan 2, 2013 in Health Optimization

According to the National Headache Foundation, migraines affect more than 28 million people. Almost half experience chronic migraines. Migraine sufferers typically experience pain on one side of the head, accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to both light and sound. Migraines can occur at any time, but morning time is typical and can last from hours to days. There are two types of migraines; classic and common. Classic migraines are characterized by an aura, light spots that occur just before the onset of the headache. A common migraine is one that occurs without the aura. During a...

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Medical Rewind – Monday, November 26th

Posted on Nov 27, 2012 in Medical Rewind

If you missed this weeks Medical Rewind with Robert Scott Bell and Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, be sure to go to to listen to the show. The topics discussed on Monday’s Medical Rewind were: Scientism Slushy Flu Shot Fire Mammography Toast Green Med Info Sayer Ji Magnesium Ear Worms and More! Join Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell every Monday at 2pm EST for Medical Rewind. For a complete listing and details of all events where Dr. Buttar will be speaking, go to   NEXT SEMINAR:   Jan 25-26, 2013  Phoenix AZ EVERYONE is welcome!  Don’t...

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Prescription Antacids Can Lead to Severe Magnesium Deficiency

Posted on May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Kerri Knox, RN (NaturalNews) Prescription antacids are some of the most highly prescribed drugs in the US today. When these drugs were first approved, they were intended to be used for temporary heartburn and only for short periods of time. As their usage evolved, however, these drugs have steadily become a part of people’s daily routine for years and even decades. While these drugs are generally considered ‘safe and effective’, the few long term studies coming out are beginning to show that there can be serious problems when these drugs are taken over many years. One of...

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