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Why Parents Who Smoke Put Their Kids at Risk

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kids exposed to parents’ cigarette smoking face greater risk of obesity and mental health problems. Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is bad for your health. And it’s bad for your children’s health, too, increasing the risk that your offspring will suffer from obesity and mental health problems. Children of mothers who smoked while pregnant are more likely to have behavioral problems by age 4, according to researchers at the University of Bristol in England. And pregnant women aren’t the only ones who should worry about the ill effects of smoking on children. Kids...

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Large waist hard on the lungs: study By Joene Hendry

Posted on Nov 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Wed Oct 7, 1:27 PM PDT NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Being overweight, especially around the middle, may increase a woman’s risk for developing asthma, study findings hint. In the study women who were overweight or obese were much more apt to have asthma than women at a healthy weight, public health researcher Julie Von Behren, of Northern California Cancer Center in Berkeley, and colleagues found. And regardless of a woman’s weight, a large waist size — more than 88 centimeters or 34 inches — also conferred increased risk for asthma, Von Behren and colleagues...

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Researchers uncover how nanoparticles may damage lungs

Posted on Jun 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:28am EDT HONG KONG, June 12 (Reuters) – Researchers in China appear to have uncovered how nanoparticles which are used in medicine for diagnosis and delivering drugs may cause lung damage. Nanotechnology, or the science of the extremely tiny, is an important industry. One nanometre is one-billionth of a metre. Apart from medicine, it is used in products like sporting goods, cosmetics, tyres and electronics and has a projected annual market of around US$1 trillion by 2015. However, concerns are growing that it may have toxic effects, particularly to the lungs. But it...

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Another reason to firm up: Belly fat hurts lungs

Posted on Apr 21, 2009 in Health & Wellness

Study: Abdominal obesity impairs breathing along with heart damage updated 8:40 a.m. ET, Fri., March. 6, 2009 CHICAGO – Carrying excess weight around the middle can impair lung function, adding to a long list of health problems associated with belly fat, French researchers said on Friday. Abdominal obesity is already linked with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease as part of a cluster of health problems known collectively as metabolic syndrome. Researchers have now shown that a large waist measurement is strongly associated with decreased lung function, regardless of other...

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