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Killer headache? Migraines hike stroke risk

Posted on Apr 5, 2009 in Health & Wellness

Some sufferers have twice the chance of heart attacks, strokes, studies say David Kohn Beth Leslie had gotten occasional migraines for years. She thought of them as a painful imposition, nothing more. Then, one day two years ago, her world tipped sideways. “Everything was spinning. I just kept my eyes closed, because whenever I’d open them I’d get dizzy,” says Leslie, a 24-year-old veterinary technician who lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. “It really freaked me out.” She went to the hospital, where a doctor told her she’d probably come down with some...

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Oxygen Therapy Might Ease Pain Of Migraine, Cluster Headaches

Posted on Dec 31, 2008 in Chronic Disease

ScienceDaily (July 17, 2008) – Two types of oxygen therapy could offer some relief to adults who suffer from disabling migraine and cluster headaches, according to a new research review from Australia. Migraine headaches are severely painful and usually occur with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and painful sensitivity to light. Cluster headaches cause sharp, burning pain on one side of the head. Physicians commonly rely on a number of drug therapies to both treat and prevent migraine and cluster headaches, but some also prescribe oxygen therapy. The aim of the systematic...

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