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Get dirty and avoid vaccines – Lawrence Solomon

Posted on Oct 26, 2014 in Medical Rewind

LISTEN TO MEDICAL REWIND FOR 9.29.14 TO HEAR WHAT DR. BUTTAR AND ROBERT SCOTT BELL HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS ARTICLE. The hygiene hypothesis perceives unintended results: more allergies ‘We can’t suggest we become dirtier and expose our children to more bacteria,” said Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan of the Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Montreal Children’s Hospital. Our determination to prevent disease may lead to more allergies, he believes, but if so, it would be worth it. “If the price of having fewer allergies is more infection, I don’t know any parent who would expose their child to...

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Medical Rewind – September 29th

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 in Chronic Disease, Heavy Metals, Medical Rewind

If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, be sure to go to to listen to the show replay. RSB and Dr. Rashid Buttar are ready for some more Advanced Medicine Monday discussion on the relationship between heavy metal toxicity and chronic elevated blood pressure. How can we get those kidneys to function better? What about cervical cancer? Are there medical procedures that can do more harm than good in detection, much less prevention, of this female-specific form of cancer? Why can’t the medical profession embrace dirt and development...

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