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Cars Could Run On Recycled Newspaper, Scientists Say

Posted on Nov 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

ScienceDaily (Aug. 26, 2011) — Here’s one way that old-fashioned newsprint beats the Internet. Tulane University scientists have discovered a novel bacterial strain, dubbed “TU-103,” that can use paper to produce butanol, a biofuel that can serve as a substitute for gasoline. They are currently experimenting with old editions of the Times Picayune, New Orleans’ venerable daily newspaper, with great success. TU-103 is the first bacterial strain from nature that produces butanol directly from cellulose, an organic compound. “Cellulose is found in all green plants,...

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Nature Offers Key Lessons On Harvesting Solar Power, Say Chemists

Posted on Oct 31, 2011 in Environment

ScienceDaily (Sep. 24, 2011) — Clean solutions to human energy demands are essential to our future. While sunlight is the most abundant source of energy at our disposal, we have yet to learn how to capture, transfer and store solar energy efficiently. According to University of Toronto chemistry professor Greg Scholes, the answers can be found in the complex systems at work in nature. “Solar fuel production often starts with the energy from light being absorbed by an assembly of molecules,” said Scholes, the D.J. LeRoy Distinguished Professor at U of T. “The energy is...

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Sleep Better for More Energy

Posted on Aug 10, 2010 in Health Optimization

by David Zinczenko Forget what your mom told you: A glass of warm milk before bed might actually keep you up, rather than lull you to sleep. See, the protein in the milk will boost alertness — and unless it’s skim, the fat will slow your digestion, making your rest more fitful. Not exactly the best shut-eye remedy. (Sorry, Mom.) Nothing makes it harder to fall asleep than knowing how important it is to fall asleep. So when the pressure’s on, try chowing down on one of these snacks before bedtime to ensure some serious shut-eye; they’re all hand-picked and approved by the...

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