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High levels of arsenic found in Charlotte, NC main source of drinking water

Posted on Oct 31, 2012 in Environment

Toxic elements found downstream from NC coal-ash ponds by: Charlotte Business Journal by Susan Stabley, Staff Writer Researchers have found high levels of arsenic at Mountain Island Lake, Charlotte’s main source of drinking water, downstream from Duke Energy Corp.’s coal-fired Riverbend Steam Station in Gaston County. Pore water samples collected from lake sediment were taken during the summers of 2010 and 2011 by researchers from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. They found samples containing up to 250 parts per billion of arsenic — which the researchers says is roughly...

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Arsenic & Toxic Metals Found in Baby Foods

Posted on Apr 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Submitted by Lois Rain on April 14, 2011 – 2:11 pm3 Comments.324 Significant levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and uranium have been found in baby foods; even organic baby foods. Researchers found that babies eating twice a day on store-bought baby foods like porridge would have increased exposure to arsenic up to fifty times compared to breastfeeding. Although the levels didn’t exceed official safety limits, some scientists are worried about infant intake and warn of DNA damage. Forget official food safety standards! The accumulative effects of toxic heavy metals are dangerous to all humans...

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Posted on Feb 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

ARSENIC IS IN CHICKEN FEED Terry Chappell, MD               Chickens are supposed to be a helathy food.  Arsenic is found in roxarsone, a pesticide routinely added to chicken feed to combat parasites and increase weight gain in chickens.  Arsenic dust is commonly found on farms, in the water and in the air.  In 1999, the European Union outlawed the use of arsenic for this purpose, but it is still legal in the US.  Chicken consumption has increased dramatically in the last 40 years, which in turn has increased the arsenic levels in our bodies.  Arsenic is a Class A toxic metal that increases...

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Arsenic Toxicity

Posted on Dec 3, 2008 in Health & Wellness

Author: Krisha McCoy, MS Definition Arsenic toxicity occurs when a person is exposed to arsenic. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust. It has no smell or taste. If you suspect you have been exposed to arsenic, contact your doctor immediately. There are two primary forms of arsenic: Inorganic arsenic-arsenic combined with oxygen, chlorine, or sulfur; found in the environment Organic arsenic-arsenic combined with carbon and hydrogen; found in animals and plants Inorganic arsenic is usually more harmful than organic arsenic. Causes Arsenic occurs naturally in soil...

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Study: Possible diabetes link to arsenic in water

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 in Health & Wellness, Heavy Metals

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) — A new analysis of government data is the first to link low-level arsenic exposure, possibly from drinking water, with type 2 diabetes, researchers say. The study’s limitations make more research necessary. And public water systems were on their way to meeting tougher U.S. arsenic standards as the data were collected. Still, the analysis of 788 adults’ medical tests found a nearly fourfold increase in the risk of diabetes in people with low arsenic concentrations in their urine compared with people with even lower levels. Research outside the United...

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