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Consumers being poisoned to death from “cumulative risk” of pesticide and chemical exposure, warns legal expert

Posted on Jan 30, 2018 in Cancer, Chronic Disease, Medical Rewind

Hear what Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell have to say about this article on the October 2, 2017 Medical Rewind Show With more information constantly coming to light about the toxic chemicals we use in our daily lives, it can be enough to make you want to live inside a bubble. You can grow your own food and make natural cleaning supplies, but what about the flame retardants in your clothes or the pesticides on the playground? If you’ve reached the point where you’re doing the best you can and telling yourself that a few questionable products here and there are inevitable, you might be doing...

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Federal government funds research into how organic farming naturally deters pests without chemicals

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 in Environment, Medical Rewind, News

The federal government has awarded a $750,000 grant to Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman to investigate the merits of organic farming in eradicating pests without the use of chemicals. Inspired by a survey conducted by researchers at nearby Oregon State University, the research project to be funded with the grant will look at how organic growing methods such as crop rotation, biodiversity and utilizing insects rather than killing them with pesticides can actually help solve the problems that plague conventional agriculture. Heading the project is Bill Snyder, a professor of...

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