Should I Sign The AAP Doctor’s Form to Refuse Vaccines for My Child?

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Should I Sign The AAP Doctor's Form to Refuse Vaccines for My Child?

With the United States having descended into an authoritarian society, the ability to make even the most personal and important choices is disappearing every day.

First, public schools began strictly enforcing vaccine policies, forcing parents to acquire exemption forms if they did not want to jab their children with toxic chemicals before sending them into one of the most remedial educational systems in the world.

Then, states began passing laws eliminating those exemptions. Soon after that, insurance companies and fanatical authoritarian doctors began acting as “enforcement” arms and bullies to force parents into vaccinating their children. Many of these doctors have betrayed their Hippocratic oath by refusing to see unvaccinated children as patients. Others have even gone so far as to contact DSS/CPS and report parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

While some of these doctors will see unvaccinated children as patients, before they will do so they are attempting to force parents into signing a form designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics that states that the parent is aware that vaccines work and that they are endangering their child by not having their child vaccinated.

There is now a growing debate within the community of non-vaccinating parents.

One side says to sign the document and move on with your child’s healthcare. The other side says to refuse signing the document because it stands as an admission of guilt and conscious child endangerment.

So what is the proper way to deal with such a situation?

Ideally, a parent should be able to take their children to the doctor without fear of being bullied, threatened, or having their children removed from their home because of their healthcare decisions. At least, parents should be able to take their children to a doctor that represents their values. Unfortunately, this is America 2018 and the former option is no longer an option at all. The second option is also rapidly disappearing.

With this question in mind, Lisa Jillani, Founder and Director of PAVE (People Advocating Vaccine Education) interviewed attorney Daniel Rufty in order to determine which course parents should take when confronted with this situation.

With this question in mind, a vaccine education advocate privately interviewed an attorney who is well versed in vaccine cases, in order to determine which course parents should take when confronted with this situation.

The attorney emphasizes that it’s a constitutional right to not vaccinate your child.

Should I sign the AAP (doctor’s)form?

The advocate posed the above question to the attorney and they discussed these follow-up questions – Is the form legally binding? Is it legally significant or must I sign it? Will I get my children taken away if I sign this form which agrees that I am putting my child at risk for not vaccinating? What are the ramifications of signing it?

The attorney found no legal significance to sign the document, and plan A would be to refrain from signing the document, telling the doctor you do not feel comfortable signing it.

If the doctor pushed and pushed and someone felt they had no other recourse, a lawyer may be able support the case for having been made to sign the form under duress.

Signing admits guilt and may make it harder to seek recourse from the hospital in the case of injury, if a person signs that they “risked their child’s health” by having them remain unvaccinated.

Although custody battles have brought the refusal to vaccinate into the courtroom, it is still a constitutional right – and a Supreme Court ruling – to refuse vaccines and better to keep the form unsigned. The form is not applicable to people who choose not to vaccinate, according to the attorney. Any decent attorney should be able to refute the concept of child healthcare neglect in a custody battle involving non-vaccination. The choice not to vaccinate is being made whether the form is signed or not and a vindictive parent may use that choice against someone in the courtroom whether the form is signed or not. It’s better not to sign the form.

Whereas the form is presented as a way to shed liability, it seems to be more of a scare tactic to increase vaccine rates.

If I feel must sign it, then what?

The advocate and attorney recommend making changes to the document even if you decide you like your doctor a lot and wish to go ahead and sign. A person might make changes to the language of the document and note the term “under duress” with the signature. Some people cross out the language they don’t like and mark their initials. Some have reportedly marked an “X” through the whole thing.

Plan A is “don’t sign”

If a doctor will not provide care unless the form is signed, it may be time to look for another doctor. There is no legal significance and or requirement to do so.

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