Select Healthy Halloween Treats This Year

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Submitted by Tyler Woods Ph.D. on Oct 19th, 2009

Americans spend almost $2 billion on Halloween candy each year. Halloween is a sugar festival that can cause adverse health effects such a contributing to type 2 diabetes, childhood and obesity. Be sure to select healthy Halloween treats to give out this year.

Candy and junk food is obviously bad for our children. Schools are not even selling it any more. Candy really can wreck havoc on your health for many reasons. First, the majority of sweets are made exclusively from refined sugar which has absolutely zero nutritional value. In addition, this sugar builds up in the blood as glucose and this stored glucose turns itself into fat causes weight gain.

The refined sugar in sweets also plays havoc with you’re energy levels which can cause mood swings, stress and fatigue. In addition, too many sugars from candy can lead to digestive disorders, headaches, gum disease, tooth decay, a malfunctioning immune system.

So how much sugar is too much sugar? Well a bowl of sweetened cereal a piece of toast and jam and a yogurt and later for a snack 1 scoop of sherbet and you just had 12 teaspoons of sugar. Imagine how much sugar is ingested the week of Halloween. According to the World Health Organization, no more than 10 percent of calories should come from added sweeteners.

Therefore, if you are concerned about how much sugar you give your children, imagine how other parents feel. Why not select healthy Halloween treats to give out this year?

Sugar free gum is always a healthy choice however not the greatest choice for young toddlers. Vampire teeth and wax lips can be a fun alternative. Small containers of bubbles are always a treat. These can be purchased quite cheap at party supply stores along with small cans of playdoh, sunglasses, pencils, notepads, temporary tattoos, sticker and other fun affordable toys for trick or treat.

Other eatable treats could include small packages of chips, pretzels, goldfish crackers, cereal bars, and trail mix. These all come in little mini-packs and are a safer alternative than pure sugar candies such as hard candies and candy bars. Small individual popcorn balls are always an inexpensive alternative to pure sugar as is nuts and cheese crackers.

This year try to think outside the box as far as providing health treats. The possibilities are endless when it comes time to Halloween and giving children fun and healthy alternatives, so select healthy Halloween treats to give out this year.

References: NPR

Written by Tyler Woods Ph.D.

Tucson, Arizona

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