Research Indicates – Formula Baby Milk Contains Heavy Metals!

Posted on Dec 10, 2013 in Health & Wellness, Health Optimization, Technology

Metals risk in baby milk: Popular formulas can contain 100 times more aluminum than breast milk

• Traces of metal in milk from leading products found to be much higher than is legally allowed in water, according to research

• Top brands or baby milk, including Organic, all contained levels of aluminum which are too high, say the scientists

Formula baby milk can contain 100 times more aluminum than breast milk, potentially causing health problems in later life, claim researchers.

Traces of the metal in milk from some of the UK’s leading products were found to be much higher than is legally allowed in water, according to scientists at Keele University, Staffordshire.

Their study, published in the journal BMC Pediatrics, examined 30 types of formula including infant first milks and toddler milks. All 30 tested had high levels of aluminum in them.

Previous research has linked aluminum to neurological diseases, bone defects and dementia in later life.  Aluminum occurs naturally in soya plants due to the acidic soil they are grown in.  Study leader, who raised the alarm three years ago with a similar study, said some formulas have aluminum levels 100 times higher than the same amount of breast milk.  He said ‘We believe this is too much aluminum to be subjecting a human to at their most vulnerable stage of life.

‘People have almost certainly heard about the link with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions and we know from studies that it influences the way in which bones form.

‘Aluminum can also produce anemia in individuals, which is not then helped by giving people more iron.
‘How may this aluminum be impacting on the immediate and long-term health of the baby – these are questions that are of monumental concern.
‘What we don’t know is whether aluminum is accumulating in the bodies of formula-fed babies. If it is, aluminum has no biological function at all; you have no requirement for it.

Results showed both ready-to-drink and powdered varieties had a similar concentration of aluminum overall, but it was highest in soya-based milks.  At the other end of the scale, soya-based formulations had the highest concentrations of aluminum but almost all major brands and Organic infant milk also had high levels.

The law states aluminum levels in water can be no more than 200 micrograms per liter, meaning some of the milks contained several times this level.  The Food Standards Agency has previously said it does not have concerns about aluminum intake based on cow’s milk infant formula. Now it darn well should!

Soya-based milks should not be used on the advice of a GP as they are likely to contain higher levels aluminum and many other toxins and hormonal disruptor.

A research chemist accused the manufacturers of complacency, saying:

‘We expected something to be done about this since our last research but, if anything, the amount of aluminum in products has increased.

Top brands including Organic formulas all contained levels of aluminum which are too high, say the researchers

‘There’s a very good chance that some of this aluminum is coming from the packaging and an equal chance it is in the ingredients. Processing is also likely to be a source.’

Clearly the manufacturers of infant formulas are not concerned about reducing their content of aluminum and the extensive use of aluminum-based packaging for infant formulas seems to confirm this.

‘There are no adequate criteria upon which to base a safety level for aluminum in infant formulas and for this reason it would be sensible to take action to reduce the level of aluminum to a lowest practicable level.’

Protect yourself and your precious baby!  Our society, manufacturers, medical establishments, doctors, etc. are NOT going to protect you … unfortunately, they are either ignorant or very knowledgeable about what they are doing to the people of the world … this means YOU!  Be as healthy as you possibly can and you will prevent many of the degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses that are rampant in our society!  YOU must take responsibility for your OWN health!

Be your OWN advocate!  You will be glad you did!

Source:  Connie Clark, Wellness Consultant – BeHealthySolutions