Pink Army campaign gears up to battle breast cancer

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 in Cancer

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From pink washing to the pink army – breast cancer awareness has gone on the war-making offensive! How long until they go multi level?


Pink Army campaign gears up to battle breast cancer

A new campaign by Florida Hospital Heartland Division is calling for supporters to break out the pink and join the army – the Pink Army, that is.

All across the state, Florida Hospital branches have teamed up to launch this unique campaign that will continue to raise awareness for one of America’s biggest causes in breast cancer.

Florida Hospital Marketing and Community Relations director Cathy Albritton is excited about the inaugural campaign and has been flooded with volunteers looking to support the mission in any way possible.

“Pink Army is a new campaign. It’s going on in Florida Hospitals across the state. Everyone is working together to raise awareness,” Albritton said.

The campaign is simple – wear your Pink Army dog tag, recruit new “members,” share stories, spread awareness and get rewarded.

Local businesses have joined the army in hopes of creating a huge following throughout the next several weeks.

The Pink Army recruitment comes with a fashionable, and pink, dog tag that can be worn to show support as well as to receive discounts at many local businesses.

“I had my own at Chicanes the other night. They were doing a buy one, get one free meal that night,” Albritton said.

Each location is different but the Pink Army dog tag helps everyone get in on the savings, no matter how big or small.

Recruitment is key, however, if you want to get in on the free goods. Every recruit starts as a “private” and moves up in rank as they complete “missions” for the Pink Army.

For example, any private who recruits 10 or more new soldiers to join the Pink Army is rewarded with a Pink Army T-shirt, which will come in handy at breast cancer functions down the road.

The list of rewards and freebies is a good one and provides ample opportunity to spread awareness and share stories.

Friday afternoon, Linda Rogers was busy recruiting Florida Hospital employees and visitors in the cafeteria. Rogers is the assistant to the Patient Financial Services director at the hospital.

Rogers is one of the many volunteers that are engaging in the Pink Army campaign. Rogers is also a soon-to-be breast cancer survivor.

“I’ve finished all my treatments and I’m one year out. I have one more appointment and then I can officially be called a breast cancer survivor,” Rogers said. “The Lord has saved me and I’m going to give back. It is amazing how many people have had it or been touched by it.”

Enlisting in the Pink Army is a breeze also. Soldiers just log on to and fill out the registration form. From the site, soldiers can receive information regarding their progress towards rewards, mammogram information, community events, discounts and much more.

The Pink Army is taking Florida by storm and Highlands County recruits don’t have to stay in the area to cash in on the savings either. The army is “on active duty” in Flagler, Hardee, Highlands, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia counties.

“So you can even go up to say Orlando and get discounts,” Albritton said.

Of course the Pink Army, like most causes, works to raise funds for the benefit of Florida Hospital patients. All proceeds donated and raised through the Pink Army campaign go to Florida Hospital Heartland Division to benefit the Mammography Fund, which provides free exams for the many women in need.

The discounts at local retailers through the Pink Army campaign kicked off this weekend and will run through October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, through Nov. 15.

The Pink Army Strut, a girls night out event, will be held Oct. 20 at Florida Hospital in Sebring. Registration is $20 per person and all funds will go to the Mammography Fund. Guests will enjoy live music, food, mocktails and lots of free goodies.