Pharmaceutical Drugs and Health

Posted on Aug 16, 2008 in Health & Wellness

I found this very interesting, like-minded article posted at maulfairmedicalcenter blog.

Of course there are uses of pharmaceuticals that make sense.  The problem is people think that is all medical care consists of.  All pharmaceutical drugs are considered toxic by the body.  When used they should be taken in the smallest amount for the shortest period of time to overcome some problem you cannot address by diet and lifestyle changes or supplements of vitamins and minerals whether administered by mouth or intravenously.

In our medical practice we find mineral deficiencies, nutrient depleted diets, environmental toxins, heavy metal toxicity, hormone deficiencies, food sensitivities and much much more at the bottom of people complaints and symptoms.  We can handle migraine headaches with simple use of minerals and B complex vitamins.  We can handle digestive disorders with proper diets and probiotics.  This is health care reform.  Give the body what it needs, remove impediments to health and you feel great and get on with your goals in life.  Think about it.

The body develops a symptom, something is amiss.  You go the doctor and often are given a prescription without ever uncovering why you have the symptom.  No real cause is looked for or found.  If you are not looking you are unlikely to discover the cause.  Disgusting.  Now… you go home, take the pharmaceutical and you have two problems, the symptoms you had before warning you of something not right AND the toxic effects of the drug you just took.

This is normal health care.  If you could see the flimsy science, the unprofessional displays of the latest drugs at the meetings doctors attend you would be appalled.  Like Oz you can be fooled into thinking taking a drug is medical care.  We had the pleasure of talking with some medical students recently.  Very special medical students as they are husband and wife naturopathic doctors returning to medical school for a D.O. degree.  Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine.  You would think they would be in a program that is friendly to diet and nutrition and osteopathic manipulation, not so.  They were in the process of MEMORIZING which drug to use for which symptom.  That is not all.  THEN which 5-6 drugs to use to overcome the side effects of the first drug!!  That is medical education.  Schools are supported by big pharma and the curriculum expresses that fact.  Hold the party line and teach only the party line.

We certainly see eye to eye with chiropractic, naturopathic doctors, physicial medical modalities, physical therapy and all the great and good surgeons, orthopedic doctors and obstetricians and others none of us can be without.  The doctor who will not look for underlying causes and provide his patients education and care based on the fundemental requirements of health needs to change.  Guess who is going to change this?  You.  Only when patients ask for and demand to know more about their conditions and problems and the constituants of HEALTH will this change.  Demand something more and maybe you will help change society for the better and in the years to come we will have docs who really get great results in helping their patients.  You know your body is not crying out for prozac or zocor.  You already know that.  You do not have a drug deficiency.  You have a deficiency of information and truth.