Partial Resonse To New Medical Board Charges

Posted on Apr 15, 2009 in Announcements

In the new notice of charges, the NCMB has dropped the clearly “false allegations” against Dr. Buttar, specifically of never having examined or visited or evaluated or seen the patients in question. These original charges, which have now been dropped, were noticeably and conspicuously inflammatory and a major alleged reason for prosecuting Dr. Buttar in the first place, based on the NCMB’s premise of “patient safety”.The first hearing and examination of the plain and simple evidence disproved their allegations, showing them to be blatantly unfounded and fabricated. The NCMB, in an obvious attempt to discredit Dr. Buttar, was in possession of and examining the medical charts in question for over 18 months before allegations were made and charges were filed and made public.

Now, after having the charts for over 3 years, they have finally dropped the only “real” evidence in this case. The same evidence that was planned to be used against Dr. Buttar (which in 18 months was never adequately reviewed), proved that Dr. Buttar was innocent of the false allegations made by the NCMB against him.

The mistrial due to ex parte is of further concern. The agenda of the NC Medical Board prosecutors, who were well aware of this departure from professional conduct yet waited to disclose it to the defense for a full 2 months after the facts were known to them, is suspicious.

Considering all this, as well as the previous 10 year history of the NCMB in persecuting Dr. Buttar based on NO complaints and NO cause, as well as Dr. Buttar’s prominent role in helping pass legislation in 2003 to control the abusive power of the NCMB against doctors (Bill 886, Due Process for Physicians), the intention of the NCMB has become highly suspicious and overly concerning.

The NCMB has proceeded to prosecute this clearly non-existent case based upon 4 complaints by parties who all admitted to never having met Dr. Buttar previous to the first hearing. Furthermore, all these 4 parties have a clear financial motive. Since the filing of the original case, the NCMB has decided to drop 1 of the 4 complaints, after Dr. Buttar was awarded a financial judgment against the complainant.

In addition, all of the actual patients (not complainants) upon which this case is based are documented to have been appreciative and thankful of the treatment and care provided by Dr. Buttar, with objective evidence proving the efficacy of the treatment they received. Subjective improvements are also well documented, including that the patients outlived the prognoses given by their conventional oncologists.

Lastly, the mission and purpose of the NCMB is to ensure patient safety. The 3 remaining cases the NCMB tried were all concerning patients who were considered “terminal”. There has clearly been NO patient harm, which was even admitted to by the ONLY ONE expert witness used by the NCMB. The “alleged” financial harm is even more ludicrous because now the NCMB is trying to dictate economic policy.

If Dr. Buttar’s treatments were NOT effective, he would NOT be enjoying the privilege of taking care of people from 33 different countries. His practice would not be thriving and increasing in size were the allegations of the NCMB based on any fact. The lack of economic viability would have closed down Dr. Buttar’s practice long ago if there were any truth to the false allegations made by the NCMB.

The blunt truth is that Dr. Buttar has exceeded the non-descript, vague, unclear and often contended upon definition of “standard of care”. This has threatened the status quo, the “good old boy” network in the medical hierarchy in the great state of NC. This, along with the fact that Dr. Buttar teaches other doctors from around the world, that he protects patient and doctor rights by helping to change the law in NC, that he was President of the NC Integrative Medical Society for 6 years, and that he has been an outspoken critic against the NCMB’s abusive conduct towards good doctors and their attempts to restrict patient rights, has incited the medical hierarchy in the local region.

Under pretense of public safety, the medical hierarchy has released their GESTAPO agency, using the complaints of 4 non-patients all based on financial motive, to wage a war against Dr. Buttar who they clearly consider a threat and enemy of the NCMB and the NC Medical Society. The NCMB has used its power for a personal and professional agenda: to eliminate competition for the medical hierarchy.

This “competition” that the NCMB seeks to eliminate is more sought out by patients, provides better outcomes, has far lesser side effects and offers a better quality of life than what the traditional and obsolete medical hierarchy can provide. The evidence of this surrounds us every single day.

The NCMB gave a very clear message in response to the patients who testified to the success of their treatment under Dr. Buttar. These were patients whose conventional “standard of care” treatments had failed and who were sometimes labeled as “terminal”. This proves that the agenda of the NCMB was everything else BUT patient safety. If patient safety were the primary concern of the NCMB, they would be embracing Dr. Buttar and his colleagues, “begging” them to teach the rest of the medical providers in the great state of NC how to help more patients achieve a better outcome than they currently are receiving through the obsolete “standard of care”.