Owens Flying In Specialists and Hyperbaric Chamber for Hamstring

Posted on Dec 22, 2008 in Health & Wellness

After an MRI showed no damage to his muscle, Dallas Cowboys Receiver Terrell Owens called in medical staff from Atlanta and a healing apparatus from Dallas.
By Mark HoerrnerRiding a stationary bike in training next to fellow receiver Terry Glenn, Terrell Owens said he felt like Lance Armstrong or Floyd Landis. After mentioning the latter, he added, “Everything’s legal.”

Legal perhaps, but certainly more complex than one might guess. The Great T.O. isn’t yet comfortable with the medical personnel on the Cowboys’ staff and is flying in his own doctors from Atlanta.

“I just got to go with the people I’m comfortable with,” Owens said during an interview at training camp. “Not to discredit the training staff here, but I know my body and how it responds to the treatment that they give me and what’s best for me.

“I have to do what’s best for me regardless of what anybody thinks. These are the guys I’m very comfortable with. I’m very confident in the things that they bring to the table and their knowledge of my body because they’ve been with me for awhile. My health is the most important thing, despite what anybody else thinks.”

In addition to the personnel, Owens is flying in his personal hyperbaric healing chamber from Dallas to reside in his hotel room at the training camp.

Franchise Vice President Stephen Jones said that the Cowboys will trust that Owens knows what he is doing.

“You’ve got to trust a veteran player to know his body and to know what he needs to do to prepare himself,” Jones said. “You certainly have to respect something like that from a guy who has been as successful as he has.”

Jones said in an interview with the Associated Press that it was nothing new for players to rely on medical staff outside the team.

“We’ve had that going on for 15 years, where guys have certain guys that they like to have work on them,” Jones said. “That’s certainly nothing new for us. It’s all part of the business.”

Cowboys Coach Bill Parcells was less candid and perhaps a bit persnickety during his daily briefings. When questioned directly during about Owens, he gave a curious reply.

“I know everything I need to know,” he said. “Well, there’s nothing more to know. Maybe not knowing exactly is all I’m capable of knowing at this point.”

Parcells noted that all of the information he’s received on Owens has come through his training staff and that if he sees a need to deal with Owens directly on the matter, he will.

Owens said he is ready, though, for the season, and that when it comes time, he’ll step on the field at 100 percent.

“September is when I am needed,” he said.

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Published: 8/8/2006