NVIC Launches National Billboard Vaccine Education Campaign

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 in Autism, Cancer, Vaccines

During March and April 2013, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is conducting an educational billboard campaign in Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and Texas to encourage well-informed vaccine decision-making. The NVIC billboard features a photo of a mother and child and asks “Vaccination? Know the Risks and Failures”, followed by the NVIC.org website address.

The multi-state billboard campaign will reach cross-generational and culturally diverse audiences through priority placement of free-standing commercial billboards in Chicago, IL; Phoenix and Tucson, AZ; Portland, OR; Olympia, WA and Austin, TX. NVIC’s billboard will be viewed by more than 10 million people traveling on major highways, bridges and near malls or other key locations in those metropolitan cities, such as the Phoenix Diamondbacks Stadium and the State Capitol building in Austin.

Read NVIC’s Mar. 12, 2013 press release about the billboard campaign and to make a comment here.

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