Nervous System Function: Learning

Posted on Oct 18, 2011 in Health Optimization

Learing New Patterns

The first thing to develop in a human being while in the womb is the nervous system. The nervous system is the most important system—it controls every cell, organ and function in your body. It is your body’s computer, fully equipped with its own wiring system.  It sends and receives information from the brain to every single cell in the body, and its job is to keep everything organized and coordinated.  

Our body mostly runs on ‘autopilot’ without us thinking about it.  For example, things like our heartbeat, breath, and digestion are not really functions that we have to think about. This is because the nervous system coordinates every single function of the human body.  What a complex job!  

It is very important to understand the nervous system, since it is your body’s computer. As your body’s computer, the nervous system does a great job, but it may also be running a few ‘outdated programs’ that are no longer helpful and that need a simple upgrade. For example, this could be a bad habit or a negative thought about your self-image. We may be completely unaware of some potentially damaging ‘programs’ playing in our nervous systems, which we can actually change very quickly.

In this 4-part mini-series, we will learn a few simple insights from our nervous system to help find and correct these issues and give us an edge on living a happy, healthy, vibrant life for decades and beyond. This series will cover the topics of Learning, Balance, Stress and Nerve Tension. These simple approaches, along with some easy-to-implement strategies will bring many immediate, long lasting, positive changes to your life.


If there is one thing that is fascinating to me, it is watching the nervous system in action.  Let me explain.

From our heartbeat to our breath, or our thoughts and actions, the nervous system controls it. What is fascinating about observing the nervous system is that you can watch your own body as it adapts to new information.  You can observe how your body learns new skills.  By seeing your body learn new behaviors, you actually tap into one of the most effective methods of learning how to learn!

The brain is truly remarkable, and it can learn anything.  It is an incredibly organized information network. It sends and receives information over pathways that work similar to electrical wiring, connecting itself to every single cell in the human body. It makes new connections instantly, with a simple thought, word or action.

When the brain creates a new pathway of information, it needs constant reinforcement in the early stages to strengthen the pathway.  Soon enough, a new pattern becomes second nature, and just becomes a part of you.  It is quite simple, and truly a remarkable process.

Any type of pattern we have follows the same process: Thoughts, Actions, Behavior, Perception, and Belief.  You can program and re-program any step of this process whenever you want.  Even if a pattern is so deeply ingrained into your subconscious mind, and may seem like a big part of your personality, you can still change it. 

Eventually, this whole process becomes a new skill you develop.  When you try it a few times with new ideas, not only does it work, but also you learn how it works by observing it in your own body.  When you get good at it, this skill also becomes second nature.  Playing with this new skill opens the door to a whole new world of possibility!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Begin with an inspired thought you want to ‘Be’.  You have to truly mean it.
  2. Repeat the thought in your mind.  Feel the thought.
  3. Establish a routine with the thought so it becomes second nature.
  4. Apply the feeling of the thought as you go about your day.

This simple procedure to learning new patterns can apply to every single aspect of our lives.  We can use this guide to transform ourselves into the person we want to be, instead of being the person we have been conditioned to be.

Most of the time, our patterns are learned in childhood and they develop into our personality and our belief system.  We become used to them, and may be unaware of how they are actually harmful to us.  Once we realize we can change any pattern, many more doors of possibility burst open.

Try starting with this easy and extremely effective one:  

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile!  Greet the day with a big, loving smile, and truly mean it!

It is so simple.  This will become a new habit of yours, just like many other things in the morning and it will set the tone for a really nice day. This is just a simple example, yet quite powerful, and very useful for us in this exercise in learning. 

As you do this, notice how your thinking changes. You will see some positive changes in your behavior. Watch how your self-perception and worldview begin to shift.  Watch how your entire nervous system adapts to your precious smile, and be amazed! 


Author or Source:Ankur Tayal