Meeting puts spotlight on vaccination fears

Posted on Jun 12, 2009 in Autism

Jon Walker • • May 8, 2009
A Canadian doctor warned a Sioux Falls audience Thursday night of dangers from vaccines, saying they pollute the body and harm those they are meant to protect.
Dr. Andrew Moulden, a specialist in neuropsychology from Toronto, spoke to 200 people in a session that a local chiropractor, Dr. Ben Rall, hosted at the city Convention Center.
Moulden, 44, said childhood vaccines introduce chemicals into the blood that can cause autism or strokes, and that annual flu shots for adults increase Alzheimer’s risk.

“This is a global catastrophe that’s happening daily,” he said.
His arguments contradict the medical establishment and the practice of schools requiring inoculations for children, but he said that doesn’t change reality. “Our job is to go shed a light on this darkness,” he said. “I’m going after Goliath.”

Dr. Wendell Hoffman, an infectious disease specialist at Sanford Clinic, did not attend the session but in a later phone interview cautioned parents against Moulden’s advice.
“There’s no evidence that any of that is true,” Hoffman said. If they forgo vaccines, “I think parents are taking a big chance and placing their children at risk for what are very preventable diseases and potentially significant infections, and they’re placing the population at risk, too.”
Teri Vanderwerf, a Sioux Falls resident in the audience, said her six children, ages 11 to 20, all received childhood vaccines. “Of course, that’s the way we were brought up,” she said. “What we know now, from now on there’ll be no shots.”

Nan West, 33, of Hayti said her three daughters had vaccines but her son, Sawyer, 4 months old, has had none. “All the toxic material in vaccines, I don’t want to give it to him,” she said.
Moulden said the body is strong on its own. “It’s not the germs that are causing disease. It is the body’s response to anything foreign put into it.”

Hoffman said research discredits linking autism to vaccines and the mercury compound thimerosal.
But one mother, April Renee Oakes, 44, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., told the audience otherwise. She said her daughter, Casi died at age 4 after vaccines caused autism. “Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just delivering the message here,” she said.
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