Medical Secrets Audio Series Feedback

Posted on Aug 25, 2008 in Announcements

Dr. Buttar received some feedback today from a listener of our Free Weekly Audio Series and I thought it was worthy of sharing on our blog.  To sign up for your own copy of the Free Medical Secrets 24 Part Audio Series, click here.

Dear Dr. Buttar,
Just want to say how much I am enjoying your weekly audio series.  It’s so wonderful to have the information from such an intelligent, reliable source.

As a Pharmacist and Chiropractor, I feel I also understand the dilemmas and confusion that people are going through in their search for health. In fact, I have started a website and blog to address that confusion.  It’s still in it’s infancy… you might want to check it out and see if you
have any ideas on how I can make it more informative.

It’s so wonderful to have found another person who has such an extensive background in health and that they know how to sort through all the B.S. that’s out there. When I first found your website, I told my wife, Sandra—
“Here’s the man we’ve been looking for to help bring it all together.” “He’s got personal knowledge, has been a researcher, and isn’t afraid to let the world know how he feels…he even testified before congress!”

I have already quoted you in one of my blogs and have signed up to be an affiliate with you…that’s how much I respect your work.

Bless you in all your endeavors…continue to be a trusted leader in changing the health of this nation and the world.  Maybe one day we can meet.

Thanks for what you do—
-Dr. Rich Rotfort