Medical Rewind – September 28th

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 in Medical Rewind

If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, be sure to go to to listen to the show replay.

  • First up for out medical all-stars is the subject of Cancer treatment, and the avoidance of harmful radiation, toxins filled protocols being utilized by allopathic oncologists around the country.

  • Is the new 21 gene test OncotypeDX, which helps accurately predict whether women with breast cancer can be treated without chemotherapy, a step in the right direction?

  • Now something that is defiantly in the wrong direct, are the results from a new study which recommends that Pregnant women diagnosed with cancer do not need a termination and can start treatment immediately without worrying unduly about the effects of drugs or radiation on their unborn babies.  Who comes up with this academic garbage?

  • Back to a positive development in the world of cancer treatment domestically, a new large study has exposed something both RSB and Dr. Buttar have been screaming for years, the fact that computer-assisted detection used in most U.S. mammograms adds absolutely no benefit to breast cancer screening while actually substantially increasing costs! 

  • Now into the world of sci-fi, as what was once thought to be science fiction has come one step closer to fruition, as DARPA, the secretive research arm of the Department of Defense, has funded a project that involves implanting microchips into soldiers’ brains, with the hope that they can one day enhance performance on the battlefield and repair traumatized brains once the fog of war has lifted.  Should we feel any better that its currently only be tested on volunteers?  

  • And to end the night on a bang, the medical establishment is finally starting to let the truth slip out, as a medical expert has come out this week, pointing to the fact that the evidence is starting to tie hormone-disrupting chemicals to obesity and diabetes.


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