Medical Rewind – August 11th

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 in Cancer, Chronic Disease, Heavy Metals, Medical Rewind

If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, be sure to go to to listen to the show replay.

  • RSB and Dr. Rashid Buttar respond to a listener question regarding comprehensive steps in the prevention of cancer.
  • Now that the EPA and National Academy of Sciences agree that formaldehyde is a carcinogen, what other chemicals are they not telling us about yet? Add a little mercury and about a thousand (or more) toxic chemical compounds, even at minute doses, and you have a recipe for cancer inevitability.
  • So what is the cure for cancer? Prevention. And we’ve got pounds of prevention today! One of our loyal listeners has asked us to review and reveal even more about not getting (or creating) cancer. Have you considered nutrient deficiency? Have you considered more adequate hydration with structured water? Remember exercise? Toxic burdens? Are you a victim of aggressive prostatic biopsies? Do you think you have bad genes? What about emotional, mental and spiritual stress?

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