MEDICAL MAFIA: Buyer Beware or Buyer Be Dead

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 in Cancer

Medical Mafia

What I’m about to tell you is the greatest un-health story never told!

In my opinion the medical industry is nothing short of a “Church filled with health mysteries, illusions and unanswered questions.” This in itself leaves most people living in fear of their lives, doubting their own ability to master their health and well-being.

The definition of fear is:


The American Medical Association has made Medical Doctors the equivalent of ‘high priests’, which leaves the majority of the population left to believe that only doctors hold the answers and the power to heal. The foundation on which medical health is now based, is absent of logic and is disempowering for those who do not question its self-ordained authority.

I don’t think people realize that traditional medicine such as Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have been in use for over 3,000 years, while modern medicine has only been around for a little more than 100 years. People have been using cleansing herbal teas and dietary remedies since the beginning of recorded history. We’re talking thousands of years of proven and effective therapies that work in harmony with the human body, without dangerous side effects.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” As Einstein stated, “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.” Ask yourself this question. Does your doctor empower you to rise up and take personal action to heal yourself? If not, RUN!

The reality today is that the M.D. ‘emperors’ who created this new reality are only interested in money and the power to control the fate of our health. Why do I say this? Well, in order to fully comprehend and understand the current rules and guidelines that our medical system follows in the U.S. and Canada today, we must turn the clock back 100 years to the beginning of the 20th century in order to get a clear picture of the plot to end natural health and self-healing.

The year is 1900 and the American Medical Association, known as the AMA, is weak, unorganized and has very little money and very little respect from the majority of the population. Herbalists, Homeopathic Doctors and Chiropractors were the therapists of choice at this time and flourished, while medical doctors were struggling just to make a living.

However, by 1910, the AMA was out of money and didn’t have the funds to complete their makeover or should I say takeover. Around this time The Rockefellers had joined forces with The Carnegie Foundation to create an ‘education fund’. They were approached by N.P. Colwell, who was the secretary of the Council on Medical Education. His request to them was to finish the takeover of the health industry that they had started. Rockefeller and Carnegie both agreed to finish what the AMA could not. Simon Flexner, who was on the Board of Directors for the Rockefeller Institute, proposed that his brother Abraham Flexner, who knew nothing about medicine, be hired for the project. Despite his lack of medical knowledge, the plan was to ‘restructure’ the AMA, otherwise the American Medical Association, to ‘certify’ medical schools based solely upon Flexner’s recommendations.

For the AMA to survive, what was known to be the ‘Council on Medical Education’ was established in 1904. They stated that their mission was to “upgrade medical education.” This, in itself, was a noble goal – if it were true. However, the Council on Medical Education had actually devised a plan, otherwise known as the ‘Evil Plot’, to rank all the medical schools throughout the country. Their guidelines were dubious, to say the least. For instance, just having the word ‘homeopathic’ in the name of a medical school reduced its ranking because the AMA asserted that these schools taught ‘an exclusive dogma’. Otherwise, all viable competition became the target; otherwise on they were now on the hit list.

Eventually, Flexner submitted his report to The Carnegie Foundation entitled ‘Medical Education in the United States and Canada,’ which is also known as the ‘Flexner Report’. Not surprisingly, the basis of the report was that it was far too easy to start a medical school and that most medical schools were not teaching ‘sound medicine’. Let me translate this for you: These natural health colleges were not pushing enough chemical drugs manufactured by, guess who? The companies owned by Carnegie and Rockefeller.

So to make a long story short, the AMA, who were “evaluating” the various medical colleges, made it their job to target and shut down the larger, respected homeopathic colleges. In 1910, the Flexner Report recommended, “strengthening medical courses in pharmacology, otherwise drugs, and in addition to this, they establish drug research departments at all schools that they deemed to be qualified.”

Carnegie and Rockefeller began to immediately shower hundreds of millions of dollars on those medical schools that were teaching drug intensive medicine. Predictably, those schools that had the financing, churned out the better doctors or should I say, ‘the more recognized doctors’. In return for the financing, the schools were required to continue teaching course material that was exclusively drug oriented, with no emphasis put on natural medicine. I love when a plan comes together. As we all know when it comes to free money, there are always strings attached.

In this case, the Rockefellers and Carnegie’s were more than happy to place one of “their guys” on the board of directors at each and every medical school that accepted their funding. The end result was that all accredited medical schools became heavily oriented toward drugs and drug research. It was no longer normal to be Natural. Health now had become patented and synthetic.

The best doctors give the least medicines.
                                      ~Benjamin Franklin

By 1923, the 22 homeopathic ‘medical’ schools that flourished in the 1900s dwindled to just 2.

By 1925, over 10,000 herbalists were out of business.

By 1940, over 1,500 chiropractors would be prosecuted for practicing “quackery.”

By 1950, all schools teaching homeopathy were closed.

In the end, if a physician did not graduate from a ‘Flexner-approved’ medical school and receive an M.D. degree, then he or she could not find a job. This is why today M.D.s are so heavily biased toward synthetic drug therapy and know little about nutrition, if anything. They don’t even study what makes a healthy body; they study disease.

Modern doctors are taught virtually nothing about nutrition, gentle daily cleansing, wellness or disease prevention. Expecting a medical doctor to guide you on health issues is sort of like expecting your local butcher to perform surgery on you. It’s simply not an area in which they have been trained.

Since the Flexner Report was released, have we seen any progress? 100 years ago if a medical doctor saw a case of cancer he would call on his colleagues because it was felt that they may never see this again, since cancer was so rare. Diabetes was practically unheard of, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) was nonexistent, and the term “heart attack” hadn’t even been coined yet.

“Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm.”
                                                            ~Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine

The only thing that remains of Hippocrates is the hypocrite.

Today, cancer is an epidemic. According to the WHO in a 2010 study, 41% of the people alive today will face a diagnosis of the “Big C” (and that number was pre-Fukushima). Heart disease is rampant, and diabetes is at epidemic proportions. Infant mortality is up; birth defects are up. Even closer to home, over 66% of North American adults are overweight. What did our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers eat? Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, bread from fresh grains, meat, butter, and cheese from grass-fed cows and eggs from free-range chickens. None of it was processed with drugs, chemicals or additives.

Amish children are remarkably immune to allergies, says an expert. The Amish, it seems place themselves at risk everyday of their lives, they refuse to vaccinate their children, exposing themselves to disease and they drink raw cow’s milk exposing them to salmonella, they even, and this is really disturbing, favor natural food, yet they are far more healthy. What’s up with that?

Until the majority of the population is more interested in being than having, we will remain primitive and feed off each other’s pain and suffering for power and money. Love is the only answer, ignorance brings chaos. When the innocent are unable to make logical decisions they become prey to the predator.

Our government and medical system is a direct reflection of the self-worth of the majority of the population. We get what we get because we do not demand better for ourselves, from ourselves. Until we truly become self-centered and look within, doing loving acts for ourselves, we will never claim our universal right, this being the true joy of living.

Why is a Whole Plant Based Diet and Gentle Daily Cleansing not taught by those who we’ve entrusted with our health care? This information would create individual self-empowerment and

an economic crash for those who have been feeding off of us physically, emotionally and let us not forget, financially for almost 100 years.

Why is it that 80% of oncologists, when asked, would not give the standard medical treatments for cancer to their family or themselves, which they give to their patients? Let logic prevail, a 2.3% survival rate after 5 years, last time I checked, 2.3% is not a success rate. That’s why!

What is all this health mystery? First, let’s be perfectly honest. Medical doctors treat symptoms.

Our fear and confusion comes because doctors talk about our symptoms using Greek terminology, which makes us feel helpless and vulnerable, causing a communication breakdown and dis-ease within us. If we cannot even understand what the condition (symptom) even means, then how can we even begin to heal ourselves? Some examples are:

Polymyalgia -poly means many. my means muscle. algia means pain. Which means you have pain in many muscles, I don’t think you will die from this, although it sounds like you could. When we become backed up with toxins, the body stores these toxins in the muscles to protect our vital organs.

Fibromyalgia -fibro means fiber, my means muscle, algia means pain. This means you have fiber muscle pain. This is pain that moves throughout the body due to inflammation created by a toxic lifestyle.

Arthritis -arthro means joint, itis means inflammation. This means you have inflammation in your joint(s). This is not a disease. This is inflammation due to acidosis, which is also not a disease but a symptom of an incorrect lifestyle.

Colitis -col means colon, itis means inflammation. This means that you have inflammation of the colon. This is not a disease. This is a plumbing problem where the body’s sewage system has become a cesspool.

I think you get the point. There are hundreds of other symptoms that have been given hard to understand names that can leave you feeling helpless, hopeless and living in fear, but isn’t that the point? For every new toxic symptom that we experience our medical system will create a brand new disease with another breakthrough drug to suppress the symptoms. A Pill For Every Ill, Dumbed Down and Drugged Up!

When treating symptoms is the focal point of your health care you will be lost and forever in pain. Have you ever noticed when we make pain the enemy and run from it, we’re always in it? Symptoms are your body’s communication system, guiding you to the truth. Shutting down symptoms by using drugs is breaking communication with your body. It’s a partnership, as in a marriage you may end up with a divorce, where as with your body, you’re sure to get a disease or end up dying, prematurely.

People will wake up to their own innate healing ability when they can no longer stand this maze of pain, fear and confusion created by the status quo. We are what we think, say and do. If you live your life and measure the state of your health by the average normal person today, then you have signed up for a life sentence that only you can break free from. Release yourself from the invisible bonds of fear and illusion.

We must filter the information that does not serve or support our health vision. We must protect ourselves from the “system.” Place your focus on the most important system, this being your digestive system.

We will never do better until we know better. Refuse to be spoon-fed! Educate before they medicate. Start keeping a Health Evidence Journal. Become self-centered, you are the only true navigator of your body, and only the body heals. We must learn how to protect ourselves, from ourselves and from those that wish to make money from our lack of wisdom. Please do not forget that you were created by your Creator to create. Take back your power and create that which is your universal right, great health.

“Nature alone can cure disease, doctors cannot heal. They can only direct the sufferer
back to the pathways of health. Nature alone can create and healing is recreation.”
                                                                                                                      ~William S. Sadler

Why is a Whole Plant Based Diet and Gentle Daily Cleansing not taught by those who we’ve entrusted with our health care? This information would create individual self-empowerment and an economic crash for those who have been feeding off of us physically, emotionally and let us not forget, financially for almost 100 years.

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