Mark Blaxill Discusses Skyrocketing Autism Rates on Imus

Posted on Dec 5, 2012 in Autism

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Mark Blaxill Discusses Skyrocketing Autism Rates on Imus

Mark described his personal involvement with autism and his work with SafeMinds on Thursday morning before the hearing. Mark was brilliant.  He spoke from his heart and he came across as a dedicated, selfless father trying to expose the truth about what’s happening to our children.  It begs the question: What did they know, when did they know it, and what did they do to cover it up? Why is Autism So Prevalent Among Today’s Children?

Mark: “Everywhere you turn there’s an affected child or an affected family.  And you wonder, when are the numbers going to get high enough that people will open their eyes and say there’s a crisis here.  We haven’t seen that happen yet.” 

“Unfortunately, NIH, CDC—the agencies of the Health and Human Services Department—have really dropped the ball.  They’ve failed in their duty to get to the root of what’s going on and they’ve been wasting money, they’ve been wasting time. In the eyes of many, they’ve actually been getting in the way.  They’ve been covering up the issue, they’ve been manipulating data and that’s one of the issues I want to talk about today.” 

In answer to Don’s question about what NIH/CDC believes, Mark said, “I think they would like us all to believe that nothing is wrong.  Autism has always been with us.  It’s a natural state of the human condition.  It’s not an issue of injury to children.  It’s just a case of the medical system doing a better job diagnosing.  It’s a status quo argument that wants to turn its back on the epidemic.  That’s what they’re arguing but the reality is, Rome is burning.  We have a crisis.  One in 29 boys in New Jersey are autistic.  That’s crazy.  That’s nuts.  That hasn’t been the way the world has been and we need to do something about it.”

Don asked where all the autistic adults are, if it’s just better diagnosing. 

Mark: “People have looked for them.  We just can’t find them.  They don’t exist.  I’ve call that the ‘Theory of the Hidden Horde.’  If autism is genetic, if it’s always been with us, there must be hundreds of thousands of autistic people in the United States are just walking around undiagnosed, undiscovered, and you just can’t find them.” 

Mark went on to describe how his daughter was born healthy and was developing normally until she was a year old.  Between her first and second birthdays, “she slowly drifted away from us.”

“All I can say is, we had a beautiful normal child when she was born and then something happened to her and we believe it was some kind of environmental injury.  …I  do know she was exposed to a regiment of childhood vaccinations that was the most intensive in recent history.  We’re basically running a grand, uncontrolled human experiment on a generation of children that includes our daughter.  That’s an area of concern.”

Don next brought up David Kirby’s book, Evidence of Harm and the danger of thimerosal. 

Mark: “The CDC knows some of this.  They’ve dealt with this data.  The first time they looked to the data about thimeroal, they found that there was an 11 times greater risk in the highest exposure group of infants as opposed to the zero exposure group.  They looked at that data and the  analyst wrote a memo to his boss and said, ‘It just won’t go away.’  So they’ve seen the data, they’ve seen the numbers, and they’ve found ways to publish data that suggests there’s not a problem…. You grow up trusting the system and hoping that responsible leaders will do the right thing, and when you find out that they don’t, that they’re more interested in politics, they’re more interested in defending their own policies, it’s a tough thing to deal with.”   

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