Letters: Doctors reversing autism

Posted on Apr 7, 2009 in Autism

Lowell K. Hubbs • Sioux Falls • April 7, 2009
Congress set up the special vaccine court in 1986 when pharmaceutical companies faced a liability crisis. Vaccines were being blamed for catastrophic injuries to children, and some vaccine manufacturers threatened to quit the business.

The special court set up by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims ruled in February 2009 that neither a preservative used in vaccines nor the vaccines themselves could be linked to autism. The ruling, which involved three test cases, affects almost 5,000 children whose parents have filed claims with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

If it is true that vaccines do not cause autism, then how is it that there are doctors in this nation reversing autism by use of mercury (thimerosal) and viral overload detoxification?

Let’s take a look at this? We have Dr. Rashid Buttar of North Carolina specializing in autism reversal by use of DMPS and other specialized attention to the specific health, diet and supplementation needs of an autistic child. His own son’s autism was reversed through his biomedial detoxification protocol. At the age of 5, Buttar’s son testified before the U.S. Congress. Buttar’s informative Web site and clinic information are found at https://www.drbuttar.com/. He also trains other doctors nationwide. Buttar has a good video on his site that explains what has gone on in the North Carolina medical board in regard to his work.

Here is an interesting Web site by Stan Kurtz concerning similar results using an antiviral protocol: www.stankurtz.org/ biomedical/comprehensive-antiviral-approach.html.

Here is what Kurtz had to say: “My child may have had some type of genetic predisposition, sure, but when I helped him take care of his nutritional, fungal, viral, bacterial and toxic issues, he recovered.”

The Autism Research Institute – www.autism.com – has documented more than 1,000 cases of autism recovery through approaches that include infection and toxin management.

Here is an interesting Web site concerning information on the federal court decision: www.safeminds.org/ pressroom/press_releases.html.