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Posted on Jul 4, 2008 in Heavy Metals

We live in a toxic world… well I think that has certainly been established. There are a number of different options, though, when evaluating therapies to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.¬† We found this article on Chelation Therapy Methods on letstalkdetox.com which mention Dr. Buttar’s TDDMPS Protocol.

An Excerpt:

The problem with both DMPS and Glutathione, to date, has been their poor oral absorption. IV administration has been required, with its attendant costs and logistical limitations – a problem. To solve this problem, Dr. Rashid Buttar developed TD-DMPS™, a 4:1 ratio of Glutathione and DMPS complexed within liposomes, tiny spherules of fat soluble phosphatidylcholine, which are easily absorbed through the skin. Dr. Buttar’s thinking has moved us from IV to a transdermal delivery system for these most effective agents. Both are now absorbed through the skin, enter the circulation, and act as is they were slowly dripped in via the IV route. TD-DMPS™ is available through AMT pharmacy (a division of College Pharmacy) in N. Carolina (866)-828-8203, as a compounded prescription. We fax a prescription, along with your demographic information, to AMT, and they ship the Transdermal DMPS-Glutathione to you. It is your responsibility to re-order this material when your supply runs low. We have no financial relationship with AMT pharmacy. Writing up all these prescriptions and sending out the faxes is simply part or our overhead – so please make it easy for us to help you.