Japanese watchdog group indicts HPV (Gardasil) vaccine, media silent

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 in Chronic Disease

TOKYO, Japan — Late last year, amid mounting worldwide evidence of consistently high rates of injury — mostly to teenage girls — I wrote an article about 10 different countries experiencing extreme scandal about the HPV vaccine (commonly called Gardasil), including countries like Ireland and Japan who have seen uptake rates of the vaccine plummet, with Japan’s rate now less than 1%. As a vaccine safety advocate, I have been struck by the relative honesty with which Japanese public health officials seem to treat vaccine injury versus many other first-world countries, and it’s worth noting that Japan is the only country that has removed the MMR vaccine from their schedule.

A Japanese watchdog group — Medwatcher Japan — has issued a scathing open letter to the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (“GACVS”), which is an entity created by the World Health Organization (“WHO”). It’s worth noting that many people consider the WHO as nothing more than an agent for vaccine makers, since one of their primary goals is to vaccinate as many people with as many vaccines as possible, and a substatial portion of the WHO’s funding comes from vaccine makers and promoters.