Info from Dr. Buttar on Long Term Food Storage

Posted on May 11, 2011 in Announcements, Health & Wellness

Dear Friend,
A few weeks ago, Dr. Buttar mentioned the long term food situation on his one hour weekly radio segment called “Advanced Medicine  Mondays – Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar” on the Robert Scott Bell Show.  This segment is done each Monday and is part of (visit to listen to the radio show archives).
We received a tremendous response from Dr. Buttar’s brief mention on this subject, which he has researched for over 8 months, culminating finally in testing 4 of the top companies before he reached his final decision for his own family and friends.  However, he did not anticipate so many people being interested in this solution as well.  As a result, we are now in our final stages of completing the process for all our patients and friends to be able to take advantage of this long term food solution.  This information will be provided to you sometime this week.
The food is delicious, packed for a 15 year shelf life (actually, 25 years, but the food will begin to lose nutritional value after 15 years of being stored) and has the best ingredients possible anywhere.  You have to simply try it yourself and decide.  We will be providing you a link within the next few days to directly order but at a substantial discount, direct from the company.  Of course, we suggest you get a sampler pack first so that you can make sure you like the foods before storing up on them.
Please be aware that in order to get the discounts, you will be placing orders but the order will only be triggered when the collective volume is sufficient for us to obtain the discounts.  In other words, the discounts are based on large volumes and we are going to combine everyone’s orders to obtain the best price possible.  Details will be forthcoming but as we reach the volume required, the orders will be placed.  This may happen daily or weekly or monthly, depending on how much is being ordered.  We will repeat this process as often as necessary.
If you have an interest in this pro-active solution, please send an email to and put the following in the subject line:  Info from Dr. Buttar on Long Term Food Storage. Unfortunately, this solution is only currently available to people in the North American continent.  As we are able to expand this solution to other countries, we will let you know.

Management Staff
Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research