I Dont Like My Doctor Why Many Flock to Alternative Medicine

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September 19, 2010

By marqpdx

I Dont Like My Doctor. Why Many Flock To Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has become increasingly popular as more and more people are left unsatisfied with their doctors. There are many major disappointments inherent in the western doctor-patient relationship these days. This has caused patients to stray from their doctors and seek out alternative methods of healing.

First of all, patients are tired of waiting. From the moment they step into the doctor’s office or hospital they are stuck waiting around. Patients are treated like numbers instead of people, waiting around in line for long periods of time just to be seen. Then, once they finally leave the waiting room they are taken to a room to wait longer. When the doctor comes it is a matter of minutes before being ushered off.

Patients are aggravated because they feel like they cannot talk to their doctors. Doctors display attitudes which suggest that they are superior to their patients. Their egos seem to get the best of them because they feel that whatever they say is what goes. They are accustomed to having their orders always being followed and do not like to be questioned as it seems to undermine their abilities. This is a poor attitude to have and it makes the patient feel as if their doctor could care less about their well-being. Most patients understand that the doctor has spent several hard years in school and numerous more years of experience, but in todays service orientated world consumers wnat INFORMATION.

Western doctors are not giving their patients options. They possess a ‘whatever I say goes’ mentality and they are not willing to discuss alternative methods of treatment. Further, the treatments that are being given are not fully explained to the patient. There is also little information provided about what is really wrong with the patient. Doctors seem more concerned about sending people home to get them out of their offices than curing the real problem. This is a great example on why many patients go for a second opinion. There just seems to be little communication in the senario.

Finally, it seems that western doctors are more interested in writing prescriptions than with actually helping their patients. They are quick to dish out expensive prescriptions and seldom care about patient preferences or whether their patients can afford the medicine prescribed. There is little doubt in many peoples minds how much the pharmaceutical companies seem to control the prescription writing. Sometimes I wonder if doctors are pharmacists and pharmasists are pill counters. No offense, but other than a surgeon or specialty doctor has your doctor really done anything to you? Or has he gathered data mostly from the nurse, checks a couple things on you, pokes around and either refers you or more commonly writes a prescription. Is there a chemical for everything? Will I not even need surgery in the future?

So why are people turning to alternative medicine instead? Alternative medical doctors use more of a therapist’s approach to healing. These doctors care about their patients and take the time to get to know and understand what is going on. Patients experience a sense of relief knowing that they are on the same level with their doctor.

Alternative medical doctors do not just write prescriptions and hurry you out of the office. These doctors are genuinely concerned about the patient’s well-being and will discuss what changes you should make to your lifestyle and diet in addition to treatment methods. Unlike western doctors, alternative medical doctors take pride in preventative medicines. This extends as far back as ancient China. Chinese Doctors of that time were ranked on how many of their patients DIDN’T get sick! How about a prescription so I don’t get cancer? Alternative Medical Practitioners are willing to try new treatments to ensure the health of the patient, and work in conjunction with any other therapy or treatment that the patient in receiving.

Finally, the biggest difference between alternative medical doctors and western practices of medicine lies in the treatment of patients. While western doctors seem to prescribe medicines which only suppress systems, alternative medical doctors heal the whole person. This is done in a way of whole healing. This is why whole herbs are used, not the chemicals in them. An Oriental Medical Doctor does not work at finding out what ailment you have and what its called, instead they would work to find out WHY you have this ailment. Basically, what is not in balance in your body that is causing the ailment, or pain, or disease. When the balance is returned, the pain/ailment/disease will go away by itself. A patient getting treatment from an alternative doctor is actually cared for which makes the whole process of going to the doctor less stressful and more efficient. Patient’s under the care of alternative medical doctors can live a much happier, healthier lifestyle because of the quality of care they receive.

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