Heavy Metals cause Many Health Disorders

Posted on Aug 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

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A recent newsletter by Dr Mercola reports on how heavy metals are making people sick, even when people follow healthy dietary guidelines.  Even healthy eaters may digest food poorly or experience digestive distress.  The articlecontinues (as I have heard and read many times before) that build up of heavy metals can contribute to diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and much more.

Dr Mercola comments that, “most people are absolutely clueless about just how toxic mercury is.  It is toxic at one in one billion-part quantities”.  How then can dentists still put mercury into our teeth as fillings and still have impunity?

Dr Mercola continues that heavy metal toxicity has become is one of today’s most pressing health issues with even babies being born with a toxic metal load and many things (especially cookware) contributing to this metal load.  He also reports on how some of the giant corporations are lobbying hard to block Senate Bills that would restrict the use of certain heavy metals from everyday items like food packaging.  I would recommend that you check out the whole article.

As with my earlier posting on how corporations are trying to block our right to take vitamin and mineral supplements, it is all about making money with no regard for the human cost.  I have a partner with cancer and a father with Alzheimer’s.  Whilst there are multiple factors involved, I don’t understand how anybody can knowingly fight to unnecessarily keep these toxic metals/chemicals in the lives of ordinary people.  If governments are not concerned with the amount of human suffering, then they should at least consider the enormous cost to the countries health care system and the taxpayer.

Not only are more and more people suffering these metal and chemical intolerance’s, but so are animals.

I have written before about the Dr Hulda Clark anti cancer protocol.  Dr Clark recommends the use of good quality stainless steel pots and pan (certainly no aluminium or Teflon) and even hardened plastic for cutlery.  She also recommends removal of all metal from the body, including removing teeth that have had metal fillings.

Dr Clark has been recommending this for decades and many scientific studies about the health risks of heavy metals have since been published; so how come so little has been done?  How come we are still even taking about it?