Getting What You Want: Realizing your Potential

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 in Health Optimization

“How can I get what I want?” It’s a question as old as time itself. This search takes us through the hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades. Answers come easily for what appears to be a few. We believe that results flow and success beckons around every corner only for the minority. For the majority, the search remains elusive and frustrating. “Where to look, what to do, when to do it and is it possible for me?” continues the old refrain. 

I had a chance to watch the search in real time for likely a thousand people or more. I was in Ottawa on business and staying at the hotel adjacent to the casino in Gatineau, across from the Ottawa River. Having some time to kill, I walked over to the casino and walked around inside. Lights flashed and new cars shined on display, tempting the dollars in the pockets of those who walked by to “try their luck” just one time. Dealers at the tables flashed cards across to the waiting hopes and dreams of the players. Most often what I saw was the dealer reaching out and collecting the piles of chips for the house. I will say that I know for a great many people this is just entertainment. But what also appeared to me was a stunning metaphor for life and the search: “One more spin and my ship will come in. One more hand and the doors of the vault will swing open.” Sadly, this is where most of the searching in life goes on. Not in a casino specifically, but at the slot machine of our dreams. 

The answer I have come to know for all we wish for is not “out there” but “in here.” The link to all the skills and knowledge and ability to have and become anything we desire in life are inside. The computing power of the human brain – your brain – is 100 billion to the power of 1-10,000. The opportunity to learn a new skill and acquire new knowledge is here on the Internet. It lurks behind the covers of the millions of books written throughout history. The answer lies inside of you right at this exact moment in time. A recent study found 43 percent of all university graduates never read another book after graduation for the rest of their lives. Amazing to consider the incredible learning curve we are on from birth through our time in school. Then sadly, for most, the learning is traded off for that three-letter word called a “job.” Little wonder that so many people feel like they are in a rut and nothing ever seems to improve. 

If your health is failing, develop a health plan that includes learning about nutrition and suitable physical activity. If your financial picture is bleak, begin the work to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become more valuable. All you need to do is look at what you have right now. The skills you now own and the knowledge you now have should cause you to ask this question. “If I stopped learning and growing at age five, would I have been able to get this far?” As Jim Rohn once said, “To have more we simply must become more.” Do that then. Set the goal to become more. All the cards, all the chips and all the ingredients to do just that lie inside you at this very moment. You see, what you have inside at this exact moment is the sure bet. Have an excellent day.