From a Mom who ended up purchasing a chamber to continue hyperbaric sessions at home:

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Hello, Dr. Saft.

Sorry to take so long getting back to you. As the old saying goes, I have too many irons in the fire.

As for the obvious benefits so far, the best part is what other people, especially people who didn’t know about the chamber at all have been mentioning. We’ve seen an increase in spontaneous reciprocal communication. Her receptive language skills and comprehension of commands and requests has literally shot through the roof. It’s actually day to day that we see improvement. Her speech (actual articulation – the apraxia) has not improved much at this point. She has been coming out with more spontaneous coherent observations occasionally, too. You may laugh at this next one, but it happened in April, ..she’s eating new foods, like one to three new things each week. Lindsey is the classical child with Autism regarding her food; she went from eating ANYTHING (which, unfortunately, included a lot of fish – I was ignorant) when she was a toddler, to eating a variety of foods you could write down on a saltine cracker. She insisted on black beans for dinner every night for about four and a half years. Over the last 13 months, she has gone back to eating things like lima beans, green beans, asparagus, peas, almost any fruit, corn (not so exciting), absolutely any meat I put in front of her, baked potatoes (again, not much to brag on), cereal with “milk”, and the list goes on. Now, I realize how this pales in comparison to following a three-step direction or cautiously touching a swing at the park when her dad says, “Be careful, Lindsey, that swing might be hot!”, but it’s all so exciting to me! Her syntax does seem to be improving also, which has been a nightmare ever since she started talking again. She used to (I mean, just a month ago) look at the photo card her SLP has of a woman mopping, and says “floor mop”. Now she says, “She is mopping floor.”

Okay, dive lengths…we’re now doing an hour at full pressure.

So, once again, I have to thank you for everything! Take care, and I’ll speak to you soon,


Doctors have told some of our parents of autistic children they may need to put their child in an institution. I tell them, “Let’s shoot for Harvard!”

My name is Dr. Geoffrey H. Saft and I am a DAN Doctor. Defeat Autism Now. I am certified in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

DAN Doctors are a group of doctors around the country and around the world, associated with ARI, the Autism Research Institute. We are dedicated to defeating Autism Spectrum Disorders. Asperger’s and pdd nos are part of this spectrum. We repeatedly demonstrate that Autism can be successfully treated.

One of our newest protocols, and one of the most promising, is using hyperbaric oxygen to treat Autism. You may have heard that Lance Armstrong, Terrell Owens, and many professional athletes use hyperbaric oxygen therapy because it improves their performance and injury recovery.

Research has recently demonstrated that HBOT is helpful for a variety of brain-involved dysfunctions including Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, PDD, and ADHD. Consistent improvements are reported in cognitive ability, socialization, sleep, calmness, “stimming”, and language use. Most patients (parents) report improvements within the first 20 to 40 sessions.

HBOT often brings patients advancements far beyond those that have been seen with traditional therapies. That is why hyperbaric oxygen is so encouraging for an autistic child as well as for their family.

Senator Dan Burton is working in Congress to get us more sup