Flu Shot Victim Desiree Jennings Rapidly Recovering at Dr. Buttar's Clinic

Posted on Nov 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago on our blog, we reported about Desiree Jennings,
the 25 year old Marathon Runner and Washington Redskins Cheerleader
Ambassador who was disabled by the Flu Shot, with a rare
neurological disorder called Dystonia.

Watch the Video Here:

And the Updated story about Generation Rescue (Jenny McCarthy’s
Autism Organization) offering her assistance:

While Johns Hopkins and Fairfax Medical Center gave her no hope,
today we are pleased to announce, that she is currently recovering
at our clinic, the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical

Hear the exclusive announcement of Desiree’s progress on the Robert
Scott Bell Show here:

And on Thursday, Dr. Buttar and Desiree’s husband will be on the
Savage Nation Radio show. You can find out when and where to
listen to this interview here: