Environmental Mercury and Autism – Are Vaccines Still a Culprit?

Posted on Sep 18, 2008 in Autism, Heavy Metals

A new study released by The University of Texas demonstrated a clear connection between industrial mercury released and autism. Researchers studied Texas school district data and proximity of children to a mercury emitting site and found the prevalence of autism in the community was reduced the further away it was from the site.

Raymond F. Palmer said the study showed – for the first time in scientific literature – a statistically significant association between autism risk and proximity to the mercury source

Scary stuff. Parents and some in the medical field have, for some time, been concerned about mercury’s connection to autism. This of course led to questions about the mercury used as a preservative in childhood vaccines and its eventual removal…more or less.

Apparently parents concerns were justified. But, even if you don’t live near a mercury emitting industrial site, is your child still safe?

Dr. Robert Sears, well known parenting experts and author of a variety of books on parenting asks the question:
What About Vaccine Mercury?

What? Is there still mercury in vaccines? I thought it was all removed in 2002? At least I asked this question. I thought it had been eliminated. Well, not quite.

… mercury is still found in large quantities… in some brands of the flu shot and some older versions of the plain tetanus and diphtheria/tetanus shots. A few shots use mercury in manufacturing, then go through a filtering process that removes 99% of it, leaving a tiny little trace amount of mercury. These shots include one brand of the DTaP vaccine, some brands of the flu shot, and the newer plain tetanus or diphtheria/tetanus shots.

If you, like I, follow some form of alternative vaccination schedule or if you vaccinate selectively or completely, this is information you will want to know. Even if you choose not to vaccinate, you may find yourself considering giving your child the flu shot or even more likely a tetanus shot. Both of these shots are likely to contain mercury or been manufactured using mercury.
Just one more thing to worry about.

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